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Are they using (POW) Proof Of Win?
If I buy some of them will my Country win on Brasil ?  :P

PS I would buy only SamarasCoin...  ;)
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A new cryptocoin has been launched. It's seems to be a new generation of cryptocoins. No need of expensive hardware for mining. At the web site of pelecoin system now Trading Board is available. You can trade Pelecoin (PLC) / Bitcoins (BTC).

To start trading:
•   To have an account in the Pelecoin oficcial web site
•   To add deposits in PLC and BTC in the Porfolio form
 Limitations and Commissions:
•   Minimal Pelecoin balance is 2000 PLC
•   Minimal Bitcoin balance is 0.02 BTC
•   Deposits in PLC and in BTC are free off commission

Find more information here:
For start use the link:

Or use the following referrer ID:

Good luck!