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Thanks to a number of people (puppies, GregGozzo, Bytemaster and others) I now have a delegate setup and running to support BitShares95% of fees returned to shareholders.

To approve me, enter the following in your wallet:

wallet_approve_delegate  delegate1-galt

About "Galt":

I have, let's just say, more than 20 years  ;D of IT experience (C programmer, Unix Admin, Oracle Developer, PHP, Joomla, PMP and CISA certified).

I am a PTS investor but did not invest in-time for February snapshot so I am starting from scratch with BTSX and am looking forward to new DACS.  I will be a buyer of BTSX.

I live and work "up the road" from Invictus in Northern Virginia and run an alternative news site which is listed in my profile so you can check it out to see where I am coming from.  As a result of my activism I have seen "the beast" up close and felt's it's wrath but I'm still here, so far!  :)

I plan to add articles on Crypto Currency to my site as well, as I have time and or volunteers/authors to write them, and will use it to support this community.

I am committed to running an honest, reliable and ethical delegate for the Bitshares community.  I can run more if needed.  I will also approve similarly minded delegates but my vote isn't worth much at this point.  I also run TOR relays. 

Please consider voting for delegate1-galt and msg me ANYTIME if my delegate is down or not acting in the best interest of the community.

p.s.  I'm more than happy to provide my personal contact information to Bytemaster and/or Stan at any time they request if they want to verify and/or meet me in person.

Thanks to all of you for your work!!

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