Author Topic: and Wired mention BitShares in "How to issue a cryptosecurity"  (Read 6788 times)

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Wouldn't it make sense two say one bips is one "two billionth" of a share so it doesn't confuse people that they send 2 BTSX but 1 BIPS?
that was almost correct at the very beginning of the blockchain when no btsx had been destroyed
but currently on the blockchain

  "blockchain_share_supply": "1,999,653,857.43781 BTSX",

which is less than 2b .. continuously decreasing ... (I wonder i BM fixed a slight bug on that number as i also substracts delegate pays .. falsely)

so .. atm ... 1 BIPS is worth 1,999,653,857.43781 / 100 = 1,999,653.85743781 BTSX

BIPS (billionths of the current share supply)
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