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New Charity delegate for Sean's Outpost
Delegate Name:
Pay rate: 100%
Objective: 100% income over cost will be donated to Sean's Outpost


New Reinvestment delegate for BitShares development
Delegate Name: bitshares-dev.invest.xeldal
Pay rate: 100%
Objective: 100% income over cost will be reinvested towards BitShares development.

wallet_approve_delegate bitshares-dev.invest.xeldal


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VPS: San Fransisco
4GB / 2CPU's

Backup VPS: Singapore
4GB /2CPU's

will upgrade as needed.

Active participant in all 10 dry run test networks.
Experience - Programmer/Network Specialist/Embedded Systems Engineer/TMDE Tech

Delegate name: xeldal
Payrate: 15%

Delegate name: delegate.xeldal , delegate2.xeldal , delegate3.xeldal
Payrate: 100% 
Anything over cost will be reinvested in the BitShares ecosystem. (block-explorer, delegate directory, beyond-bitcoin, etc)

wallet_approve_delegate xeldal
wallet_approve_delegate delegate.xeldal
wallet_approve_delegate delegate2.xeldal
wallet_approve_delegate delegate3.xeldal

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