Author Topic: Bytemaster Protoshares Interview on Let's Talk Bitcoin 57  (Read 2182 times)

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Bytemaster Protoshares Interview on Let's Talk Bitcoin 57
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Shownotes from the episode:
Shownotes for Episode 57 – Protoshares & Selfish Mining

Daniel Larimer is the driving force behind Project Keyhotee, Bitshares futures markets and the Protoshares decentralized, CPU minable currency that he hopes will power it all. Our talk on episode 44 (Mindtomatter – E44-ive-seen-better-days-lets) about Project Keyhotee, the secure Identity/Money/Communications platform was one of the most popular we’ve ever run, and I caught up with Daniel a few days ago about what happens next.

Then, you might have heard it. Bitcoin is broken, and selfish mining (…itcoin-network/) is to blame. Hair-on-fire headlines aside, Andreas’s got a bee in his bonnet on this one, and we not only break down the problem but get a great example of how the core Dev team has fewer, but better options for dealing with things like this than your standard currency. Stephanie, Andreas and I really dig into this one and there’s meat on those bones.
Before you say the price of PTS is too high, take a look at theThe Reason.  Protoshares are an entirely new type of Cryptocurrency, one that pays to hold.