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How could one give ownership of Beyond Bitcoinx to the bitshares community?  I want to ensure everyone has the ability to improve this project so it is not just a project for a few people to run. 

It is my personal belief that the BitShares ecosystem should reward users who are actively learning about and promoting delegates they believe bring the highest value to the ecosystem.  It is also (again imo) important to make this occur in a way that delegates all help sustain this reward structure in a way that strengthens investment in the DACs that currently exist and those that will be brought online in the future. 

Currently, users who join can vote for delegates from the interface and earn points for promoting delegate updates and educational/marketing content on social media platforms.  They earn Xpoints for this and delegates have an incentive to indirectly fund this activity by choosing to donate a % of their funds, not to Beyond Bitcoin's creators, but instead to a fund that can pay out in btsx (or, as I would prefer...bitUSD) in exchange for Xpoints--which would be destroyed in the process.

I hope to leave this as an open conversation as this project is not intended to get me rich...but to support the ecosystem and help create incentives to ensure delegates are held accountable by a well-informed shareholder "citizenry".  In our current systems of COSTS citizens to actively participate and has no direct reward.  But people work best off of direct rewards as incentives.

Please discuss these points...feel free to pick them apart and offer opinions and alternatives.  However, please try to ensure the primary focus be centered around how we can give this to the community completely once it is done.   
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