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Hi Rob,

I see you are already a Hero member of this forum so I guess you already know how to create assets, build a gateway and provide liquidity for your token.
If not here are some things to start with.
Bitshares User-Issued Assets Walkthrough -
Liquidity -


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Hey all, i'm one of the co-founders for ZenCash, also a big long time supporter of that we're starting to grow and do some cool things with ZEN, it'd be awesome to integrate my two favorite projects: ZenCash + Bitshares!

I noticed that one of our media team members @MedaR has already reached out:,24837.msg309915.html#msg309915

But I wanted to piggyback on that and get this discussion started since that didn't look like it went anywhere.

With ZenCash, we're leveraging zk-SNARKs over a fully end-to-end encrypted network of secure nodes that includes censorship resistant features like domain fronting, private comm over the blockchain, secure document publishing via IPFS, we're economically rewarding other stakeholders (not just miners) via a community fund / Treasury and paying people to operate secure nodes, and we're experimenting with decentralized governance via a DAO.

What's not to love from the perspective of anyone who values privacy? We also have some big sponsors, advisors, partners, and an awesome team:

We're partnered with Crypto Media Hub ( and Wachsman PR (, so all of our integrations are widely publicized.

Would be great to get ZEN on the Bitshares DEX for starters, but because I love both these projects, I'd like to explore a deeper partnership. Any cool ideas?

It'd be great to chat further with the community. In the meantime, here's a bunch more info about the project:

White paper:
Telegram group:
YouTube channel:
Twitter: @ZenCashOfficial