Author Topic: PLEASE TRADE WITH CAUTION - READ THIS NOW  (Read 21246 times)

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yeah and besides scams those of us shorting bitassets are finding out the hard way that taking leveraged positions hurts when things go sour!

Only short with funds you don't mind putting at risk, and make sure you keep a healthy reserve to help unwind positions in volatile times.

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And don't fall for fake escrows! Not only check the nicks, but also the forum status (Newbie, Sr Member, ...)

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There are MANY scams that occur on these forums, many of them through channels like forum PM which we don't monitor.
Read all of these threads to scare yourself into researching how to do safe trades.

We can't really "protect" the trading forum since we can't really verify anything that would cost less than $10,000 (!!!) to fake.
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Do not use this post as information for making any important decisions. The only agreements I ever make are informal and non-binding. Take the same precautions as when dealing with a compromised account, scammer, sockpuppet, etc.