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My wife is filipina.  When I went to the Philippines for the first time, I was met by many people who spoke with me perfectly well in English but who apologized for their "poor" ability to speak it. 

I would laugh a little bit when they said this.  Why?  Because I couldn't believe that they knew English and a handful of other dialects/languages...yet they apologized to me for not speaking my native language well enough! 

I am an American.  As such, we have little incentive to ever speak a second language.  We are largely the ones who should apologize to others for not speaking their language at all. 

With that said, I guess I posted this so all of you would know that I kind of set up this second half of the Delegate Hangout in hopes that some of our China-based bitshares Delegates would like to do a little interview about their delegate candidacy.  Please do not be afraid your English is not good enough.  We can get people to edit.   Please feel free to show up on the Mumble server.  We begin at  2:30 AM EST if anyone wants to say hello:
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