Author Topic: If you like poker vote for delegate checkraiser  (Read 662 times)

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If you like poker vote for delegate checkraiser
« on: October 04, 2014, 01:51:16 am »
Hello bitshares community, greetings from the windy city! 

I have learned so much from this great community since I began mining PTS in late 2013 and consider myself lucky to be part of the February snapshot.  The level of innovation being deliver by this platform is truly inspiring and has motivated me to setup a dedicated delegate on AWS (Oregon Based).  Delegate checkraiser is ready to server as a delegate and I have set the payrate to 50% as a way to give back to this great community.

Delegate checkraiser is updating with each release and now needs your vote to get into the top 100 to begin publishing price feeds.

wallet_approve_delegate checkraiser

With the other 50% my goal is to promote BitUSD (and other FIAT pegged assets) for use in online poker gaming. I can’t wait until someone launches a poker DAC!

My background is mechanical engineering and I have worked on the sales side of the software industry since the turn of the century. 

Please don’t hesitate to post questions and I will respond ASAP.

Thank you in advance for your vote!