Author Topic: Facebook Is Already Dealing With Scams For Its Own Cryptocurrency  (Read 914 times)

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A Facebook spokesperson told Forbes that it “removes ads and Pages that violate our policies when we become aware of them, and we are constantly working to improve detection of scams on our platforms.” Include a lot facebook video download are to do everyday from At least a dozen fake pages and websites on Facebook and Instagram claim to be associated with Facebook’s Libra, which has yet to be officially launched.

One video offered a discount on Libra coins that have been distributed to early investors. Another linked to a realistic-looking fake website called “” The website remains online.

Key Background: In 2018, Facebook banned advertisements involving cryptocurrency or initial coin offerings to combat the proliferation of scams and bogus ICOs cropping up as the price of Bitcoin soared. Over the last few months, Facebook has been softening the ban in the run up to the announcement of Libra—and it appears scammers are taking advantage. Libra scams may not help Facebook convince lawmakers and regulators that it can protect user privacy and prevent the digital currency from being used in criminal activity. Facebook has already eroded the trust of both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill after scandals involving the spread of disinformation and a failure to safeguard user data.
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