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We can now exchange BitUSD & BitEUR directly to any Visa/Master Card as well as trade it against Bitcoin, LTC, NXT and other coins.

And Perfect Money :)

And we won this months voting,

so BitShares should follow up soon!

 +5% good job everyone!

Edit: with BitShares they meant BitUSD & BitEUR, so no BitShares

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 +5% Great - Thank you fav for your efforts ... well done!
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muchisimo awesome!

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+5% Great - Thank you fav for your efforts ... well done!
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Awesome news!   +5%
Great job Fav and community members  :)   
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Hate to bring this up... but I don't think announcement threads, particularly of forum moderators, should be including personal affiliate codes for them to profit from personally.

The graphic you posted as well as the 'sign up' leads to:

If you are going to do that.. at least give a disclaimer that the link is an affiliate link you are profiting from for yourself.

I think this forum has held a certain standard when it comes to this, and I don't want to start second guessing every single post with a link wondering if I am being hooked into my browser downloading some affiliate cookie, and thus doubting the integrity of announcements like this one.

Besides this... awesome we have another on/off ramp..  +5%
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That's great news. Good job fav.  +5%

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+5% good job everyone!