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Thank you Roelandp for this cool new tool. That will help to monitor the witness activity more accurate. It is also great to see what kind of tools can be built thanks to Xeroc´s Python-Libary!  +5%
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good job, thank you

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Last week I released a witness monitor tool, meant for personal usage by witnesses, to monitor the availability of seednode, pricefeed latency in updates and missing blocks. From various members I received requests to expand on that monitoring tool and start to log the data and turn it into a Bitshares Witness Log. I found it a challenge in my python skills, so I sharpened my knife:

What does it do?

* Update Frequency
Three times per hour (2nd,22nd,42nd minute) the backend checks this witness data by using Python-Bitshares (thank you @xeroc!) and storing it in an MySQL database.

Three times per hour (5th, 25th, 45th minute) the backend publishes a new version as a static JSONP file with the latest data details as compiled from this database as a source-feed for this overview, using Bootstrap-Table to display it. This means the data you see can be maximum 23 minutes old before fresh data is displayed. If this is not the case and the top "last updated at" mentions way more time since that, please notify me as my server must have crashed!

Insights & Analyse
  • This witness log gives historical insights in basic witness tasks: producing blocks & regular price feed publications.
  • The font and opacity of price feed entries get smaller the older the feed gets. Once the feed is older than 24 hours it gets a red font-color.
  • The markets are chosen and sorted by market 24 hour market volume.
  • Expand individual rows by hitting the '+'-sign for a detailed witness pricefeed log including variance of the settlement price.
  • The overview table shows 'red' warning fonts whenever:
    • Feed is not available.
    • Feed is older than 24 hours.
    • Feed price variance is more than +/- 5% of current settlement price.
And more...
  • Export data via the top-right export menu.
  • Customise the table via the top-right export menu and exclude certain columns.
  • Search the table.
  • Sort the table by many of the columns.
  • Hover over the price feed entries to see 'Last Published' time
  • adding public seednodes of every witness (1 per witness) so I can also monitor the uptime.
  • After 1 week of logging I will also add a 'difference indicator', showing how many new blocks are missed (for 1 week displayed) per witness.
Click here to go to the Bitshares Witness Log

ps: I know I am a very new witness, and I don't want to be telling anyone what to do, I feel humble in my position: nonetheless I noticed that some of the witnesses are missing their 'urls'-part in the witness entry. Would be great if you could 'update_witness' with an URL![/list]
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