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Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker] Reference faucet via
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:55:43 pm »
supported by OpenLedger proxy


Neych, I assume that you may possess some information about the hacking of OpenLeger on June 1, 2018 or may be involved in this hacking. Currently this case is investigated by police.

I hereby request you to contact OpenLedger immediately via [email protected] to explain your relation to accounts employee3, insinger5 and oliverstone7 as well as your possible involvement in the hacking incident.

In case we do not hear from you within the next 5 business days OpenLedger will file information about you with Danish police that has full authority to interrogate you.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

Ronny Boesing,

CEO, OpenLedger

Thank you Yury, I hope there will be a good amount of comments to this considering the work you have put into this already.

Time will show if BitShares community is ready to accept proposals like this one meant to help make BitShares an ecosystem useful to all other ecosystems out there. Part of getting the message out is to build and create products allowing other products to flourish using the core of BitShares to do so.

BitShares in its core essence is not really meant to be known by people of name but more of use, and we need this use to be made available in all the ways possible.

This proposal presented here is one of the strongest ones I have seen offered to the BitShares commmunity and I hope it is understood that this is an offer to act upon soonest possible really.

Yury is my VP of Business Development at my R&D office in Minsk, Belarus, called AETSoft (a full member of the High Tech Park of Belarus) and a valuable part of our core team within the OpenLedger organisation.

I hope everyone here will treat this proposal as a serious value added offer to the BitShares ecosystem and let us know soonest possible if the community is up for such added valuable feature.

I do personally hope to have lots of comments here

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: BSIP 40: Custom active permissions
« on: September 05, 2018, 12:49:58 pm »

Create your own decentralized trading engine (DTP) with 50+ cryptocurrency gateways and optional thousands of assets

Looking to start your own exchange using the most established and fully functional trading engine on the market and make use of all available tools to enable automode cryptocurrency gateways?

We are talking the BitShares trading engine of course and connected with the 50+ cryptocurrency gateways of OpenLedger you will have a unique position to market yourself immediately provided you have the proper marketing resources at hand.

White label exchange solution for crypto businesses

Launching your own cryptocurrency exchange? Tap our ready made decentralized platform with no hassle setup.

Please go to our website to hook you up and arrange meeting for further talks thanks


Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

Technical Support / Re: How to Make my own Exchange ?
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:14:48 am »
Hell and welcome.

I could suggest youalso to connect with the team at Openledger and their whitelabel solution.


I sugegst you connect to support at OpenLedger, as far as I understand they are the only ones supporting Monero?


Stakeholder Proposals / Re: Proxy: xeroc
« on: February 08, 2018, 01:20:19 pm »
I've removed my support from committee-member `openledgerdc` since openledger started setting
a default voting proxy for its customers and breaks the long-standing social contract of no-voting
of exchanges with customer funds. This is unfortunate but OpenLedger wasn't able to present
sufficient motivations for this move and after discussion, couldn't be convinced to reconsider this

This is, of course, a personal opinion, but I cannot accept businesses to set default voting behavior
for its customers.

For those wondering, the `bitshareseurope` account which is set as default_proxy account, too, does
not vote.

thanks, great to know how you consider a "company" - the de facto bitshares exchange OpenLedger, and this is not my words, but rather the creator or BitShares who said this. It has to be very clear that we are not an exchange as we have no access to manipulate the transactions on the DEX which is clearly the definition of an exchange, and until now we have offered a valuable service to all bts community where we are until now still at a minus overall for providing gateways allowing people to access a safe haven like bitshares stablecoins or bts itself or same procedure for leaving again. There is no doubt that this is not done out of pure charity, however, it is clear that we are providing a valuable support for the community to evolve and we do it with the face that allows us to constantly act for the benefit of the community.

What you decide to do personally is up to you, and you are right it is definitely personal and it is also personal when I remove my support from your own committee post, thank you for perhaps stating a discussion as to who does what and for the benefits of whom in whatever is done for bitshares, I think it could in fact become an interesting "soap opera" and I could be writing a lot more right now, but choose not to.

And lets be clear, it is only customers if they use the gateways provided by OpenLedger, and with more than 170 000 signups already, it is clear that less than 10 000 of these are in fact active, so what we are in fact providing is a support from the people not trading or even active making use of these accounts where they may have been not used and all for the benefit of bts. And the customers are in fact also the customers of the bts community as it is a service offered to the community and definitely also customers to all the OBITS holders who benefit minimum 50% of all revenues.


Please help me, I don't know the difference between and I used both for quite some time and I thought both are the same.

A couple of minutes ago, I sent in some BTC from an exchange to my address. I was in a hurry and it was too late until I checked that it was not a BTC address. I already approved the withdrawal when I checked if it was BTC, and to my horror the first name on the dropdown was an AGRS address and there was not even a BTC address to deposit in I repeat BTC address was missing from the Deposit dropdown on

When I deposit, BTC was usually the first one on the dropdown so I assumed when I click copy address that it was a BTC address. I know it was my fault since I was in a hurry, but I know I must not be the only one who had this problem.

Therefore I mistakenly sent in my BTC to an AGRS address. So I went back to my exchange and sent them a support email to see what I can do. I haven't received word from them yet. However I checked the transaction id: 8ab9342fb74a983482cac0d2af390e42628bb72549e9e1a6c451fb57528dd4f4  and  was surprised to see my BTC was also accepted there.

I mean this AGRS address is also a BTC address?? The AGRS address in question is: 14PMgMzojocsxmQfB4xCBsJETdDoDRW8zX

So my questions are:

1. Is a legit OpenLedger address?
2. If it is, then why is BTC deposit gone there, but it is present in
3. If it is a scam, what can I do to protect my account? Is my account compromised?
4. AGRS address is the same in both and, is there a way I can get my BTC from that AGRS (BTC) address? Can I still get the funds wrongly sent?

I am so happy with OpenLedger until I encountered this issue. I hope somebody can give me enllghtenment on what I can do.

Thanks in advance.

is your issue solved?

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

CCEDK / Re: ***MUSE Snapshot date - withdraw OPEN.MUSE ASAP***
« on: August 21, 2017, 06:13:40 am »
we expect to offer all users who did not manage to transfer muse to native wallet to have their equivalent muse dropped on their accounts in this week as well as activate trading of Muse on OpenLedger again.


Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

CCEDK / Re: Why are STEEM/SBD withdrawals disabled?
« on: August 21, 2017, 06:09:25 am »
Make sure to have tried any of the official sites of OpenLedger with server and nodes support and if still issue with withdrawal then contact our [email protected]

the sites with server and nodes support are:

Best regards

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

CCEDK / Re: STEEM Withdraw???
« on: August 21, 2017, 06:09:11 am »

I have bought some STEEM from openlegder gateway to power up my  steemit account. But unfortunately, I can not withdraw STEEM because of closing this at the gateway. When will you have the plan to open withdraw function? I think you should have a way to announce the people once you disable or enable a coin on your gateway. I dont realize it until using withdraw function.

Hope thay I will get your feedback soon!

Make sure to have tried any of the official sites of OpenLedger with server and nodes support and if still issue with withdrawal then contact our [email protected]

the sites with server and nodes support are:

Best regards

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

Thank you so much for the update. I have some questions to ask. Could you help me to answer it.

So, we will keep the buyback in August 2nd or change?

How about the voting for the distribution until now? Where can i check the info? the link is not working.

New way will be excuted depending on the voting in JUly and this voting option will be announced in coming days, it is not yet active.

Will ask the devs to begin procerdure



[member=23432]ccedk[/member]  are you going to support following proposals?

15 committee proposals created to update the forcesettlement parameters of below smartcoins:

smartcoins      proposal
EUR              1.10.1712
JPY              1.10.1714
GBP      1.10.1715
AUD      1.10.1716
CAD      1.10.1717
CHF      1.10.1718
SEK              1.10.1719
MXN      1.10.1720
NZD      1.10.1721
SGD      1.10.1722
HKD      1.10.1723
NOK      1.10.1724
KRW      1.10.1725
TRY              1.10.1726
RUB      1.10.1727

all the committee members, please approve the above 15 proposals.

memory for the steps to create such proposal:

Code: [Select]

return 17

add_operation_to_builder_transaction 17 [12,{"fee": {"amount":100000000, "asset_id": "1.3.0"}, "issuer": "1.2.0", "asset_to_update":"1.3.110", "new_options": { "feed_lifetime_sec": 86400,"minimum_feeds": 7,"force_settlement_delay_sec": 86400, "force_settlement_offset_percent": 100,"maximum_force_settlement_volume": 50, "short_backing_asset": "1.3.0","extensions": []}, "extensions":[]}]

propose_builder_transaction2 17 bitcrab "2017-04-27T04:00:00" 3600 true

the above 15 fiats are listed in the top20 trading volumes in FOREX, however, INR from India, BRL from Brasil, ZAR from South Africa are not created yet in Bitshares, these 3 fiats are from 3 BRICS countries and are also listed in top20.

finally managed to find out the procedure, I am happy to say I manged to vote on all and making it reach above 100%

It is a great pleasure to see how I can help support the strength and health of the BitShares ecosystem and I feel very happy to have been a part with this first votes

thank you so far to all who have voted for me

all the best


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