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BitShares PTS / Re: fast AMD OpenCL PTS miner released
« on: January 31, 2014, 11:57:10 pm »
Hi NaN

want to mine on beeer but
still having problems with v0.1.2 (R9 270, Win64, Driver 13.12)

Vendor of platform #1 / 2: Intel(R) Corporation
error in gpuhash.h, line 131: Method clGetDeviceIDs(...) failed (errorcode -1)

The AMD Card is not recognized.

The v0.2 Version is running perfect with 1070 cpm

any idea ?

Great work ! But how can i make a bootable USB-Stick ? Unetbootin doesn´t work.

Thanks !

starting ominer i get the following error:

Entrypoint clEnqueueFillBuffer not found in OpenCl.dll.

do i have to install additional software ?
 Thanks !

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