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Thanks for the thoughts and input on this important discussion.

As stated in the original worker, all excess funds (revenues) with be returned to the community (beyond expenses needed to put the conference on).

We are considering the worker funds provided to be revenue as well as as ticket sales and sponsorships. Expenses will be deducted from this #. If there are extra funds left over after this calculation, they will be returned to the community.

So Revenues - Expenses = Final Profit or Loss number (if positive we will return it to the community) There is also a chance that the conference could run at break-even or a loss which will be noted in the final accounting with the Move Institute.

Please confirm and let us know if this is in line with your expectations of the use of the funds.

Thanks for your input! We are gathering the answers to those questions from the Team in a group telegram chat. Will post that info here once we get answers. (See Frequently Asked Questions at end of original post above Also, just to confirm the fee (currently) is 4 BTC and the 2 BTC would be for the flash sale to their users. Still a cost to us but more for getting tokens in the hands of users on the platform. Keep the questions coming and we'll dig in.

Thanks again.

Intention: The goal of this Worker Proposal is to provide funds for costs associated with integrating the BitShares core utility token (BTS), with bitbns, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Bangalore, India.

This is a proposal organized by: Aaron Mangal, Michael Taggart, Move Institute (Digital Lucifer and team who will be handling escrow if approved), and John Conlin. We have had some communication with bitbns and would like the community to weigh in on what has been proposed to us by them.

The bitbns team we are communicating with includes: Keerthan Shetty, Gaurav Dahake and Vishal Vikram Singh

See original bitbns proposal here:

BitBNS is a cryptocurrency exchange with over 70 digital currency pairs based in Bangalore, India.

BitBNS believes cryptocurrencies are the future of economy and payments, offering a transparent and easy experience for traders. They also want to see adoption for all not just the select few. On the service side they offer 24/7 support and an active Telegram channel with real-time communication.

As stated on their website:

“Our founding members are young and enthusiastic adopters of crypto currencies, all of whom graduated from IIT. Before we started BitBNS, we have created multiple products that have helped consumers in commerce decision making.

In late 2017, we decided to start a crypto-currency exchange. To give people a smooth entry into the world of crypto, we gave importance to ease of use, safety, and professional support to our customers, right from the beginning. BitBNS went live on December 14, 2017.

In just a few months, our focus proved right.”

Parent company of BitBNS, Buyhatke, is a shopping research portal serving over 10 million monthly active users in India

Buyhatke helps inform consumer buying decisions by providing data points like when to shop based on price variation, trends, price and deal comparison. Buyhatke estimates it saves its users $8 million every week.

BitShares will receive an ad placement which with reach an expected 53 million total audience size.

How To Deposit in BitBNS

How to Withdraw Funds from bitBNS

Collaboration with BitShares

The benefits of BitBNS synergies would be having the BitShares ecosystem and native token, BTS, opened up to a potential 1 billion+ market in India and beyond. BitBNS is willing to feature and communicate not only the BitShares listing but also the value of the ecosystem to this user base.

Here are some details around the reach of BitBNS:

  • 1+ million views on YouTube
  • 8 million impressions on social media posts and news articles across reputed media like Huffington Post
  • 3,900+ Facebook Followers
  • 10,700+ Twitter Followers
  • 700,000+ Users
  • 12,000+ Telegram

Specific deliverables will include:

-Flash Sale and Distribution of BTS tokens to users, see bitBNS’s proposed distribution plan here:
-Announcement to the BitBNS community through blogs, email newsletters, social media and our homepage. Over 700,000 members will receive this note. This would also include a formal Press Release with media outreach.
-Banner placement with your BitShares logo on our homepage with a link to your website, bringing you traffic from the banner. “Overlay Ads on relevant sites for a period of 12 weeks - BTS gets to choose when and where to place over ads. It is always recommended to make use of the service when there is an announcement to drive more traffic and increase engagement.”
-Organic search traffic from Google and other search engines, due to your increased SEO rank from the back links. Our website has over 4 million visits every month and it’s growing. We rank in the first 3 positions for many major keywords of buy tokens and coins or price. With Google banning crypto ads this becomes even more significant.
Meetups and social gatherings facilitated

Here's an example of a recent "Crypto Night" meetup bitbns hosted (from their Facebook page):

BTS Flash Sale Details

We will be setting aside at least 2 BTC worth of BTS utility tokens for distribution to bitBNS users. See exact distribution plan #s here:

Statistics of User Growth

Plan Of Action

The objective is to get BTS coins to relevant users and users should understand deeply the value of BTS and the vision.

These would be done in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Awareness
  • Phase 2: Evangelizing
  • Phase 3: Create Return on Investment

Awareness and Evangelizing starts a week prior to the listing and will continue for 12 weeks. Promotions will resume with any announcement or any contests associated with BTS.

Costs: 6 BTC (4 BTC + 2 BTC worth for flash sale)

BitShares Community Deliverables:
  • Create Promotion around Flash Sale Giveaway
  • Assist with any co-marketing content for bitBNS

Here are some frequently asked questions and the answers from the bitbns team:

Q: Are the ads mentioned above only shown through the bitbns chrome extension and mobile app for Buyhatke?
A: Yes, The ads are powered by Buyhatke Chrome Extension and the mobile App.

Q: How would the BTS distribution plan work for the Flash sale?
A: "This is our proposed distribution plan ( If you feel there is a need for any changes in the reward system, we are open for suggestion. But the proposed plan has been working phenomenally. And with Trading contests we make some tweaks every now and then for better performance of the campaign."

Q: How come your exchange has 700k+ users with such low volume? (BTC =14 BTC/day EOS=1400/day)
A: These are not the only INR pairs There are USDT pairs also which have good volume (4000+ EOS) (20+ BTC) he overall market liquidity around the wicket tapers off. Usually it's about 4000 odd EOS on INR pair as well and 35 odd BTC. There is an order size difference as well from the customers in India as compared to US. That's a straight difference because of the per capita income being roughly 17x different from India to US. The same difference is also observed in stock market orders.

Q: Will they be creating all marketing content themselves, or are we needed to create it?
A: We will be creating marketing contest and pushing it via Bitbns and Buyhatke. Here are some of the links of the recent marketing push: NRG referral Program (, Bitbns Crypto Talks (, and Announcement in Regional Language(s) ( You can always share content if you’d want us to push marketing efforts from our end.

Here are some additional slides showing details around what bitbns will provide:

Thanks for voting in this Worker Proposal! (

Please share your feedback on speakers and general conference ideas:

Speaker Nomination:
General Conference Survey:

Yay! Thanks for your vote of confidence and guidance.  8)

Completely agree on marketing budget, will think on that now.

As for profits, I think we should return this back to the community since we would be front-loading the expenses for ourselves internally as well as paying EVOLV for their services out of the BitShares coffers. Frankly the videos of sessions **could** be an ongoing possible income stream (for BitShares) that the general (non-BitShares public) might be interested in purchasing after the fact.

We did a poll in Telegram which indicated people seemed to like Vegas as a venue for it and the 27-28th timeslot:

Happy to run some additional ones if you think that would help. Any questions in particular we should ask?

I met with Antones Polemitis, CEO of the University of Nicosia (UNIC) at Consensus in May to discuss sponsorship and more. His vision for UNIC is focused on a core tenant of the BitShares DAC: decentralization. I feel UNIC and the BitShares DAC have an opportunity to work together on something far beyond a couple-day conference in Europe. UNIC is focused on expanding the delivery of blockchain education on a global scale and we discussed the opportunity to incorporate BitShares content into the messaging where appropriate: alternative consensus algorithms, decentralized organizations, governance, financial services dApps, etc.

That is so awesome! They do great work (took their MOOC) and this is a great long term partnership for BitShares!

Please explain why the price of activity materials is so high and what it includes. For example, the production cost of yi la bao in China is only $10. I know the difference of labor cost and channels in different places, but the price difference of hundreds of times is unacceptable.

Thanks for taking the time to respond @finn-bts! Not sure which price of activity materials you mean? (The ala carte options were if we just wanted to pay for part of the sponsorship but I think a full bundle would give us a great positioning as well as be very productive for the community)

The 25k is a bundled packaged that any of the participants in the hackathon would have to pay. Looks like EOS and LTC are already participating so we would be in good company.

Let me know if anything else isn't clear and again, appreciate your thoughts!

Before making this a thing, maybe we should have a discussion about
* who would go their an man a booth?
* who's available to answer questions during the hackathon?
* what topics are good and easy to being with for a hackathon?

And most importantly, what does it cost to provide the above (additionally to the 25k fee).

Since I can't make it, I would recommend the community looks into finding someone capable of managing/providing the above.
It would be a shame to put 25k into a hackathon package only to then not be able to provide the necessary side-support during the event.

Anyone up to it?

Great points @xeroc I agree we should build this in...I had set aside an extra 160 hours for the NA BTS conference (for planning, management logistics and coverage of the event itself) and now that we are combining the proposals with DEV CON, I think we should add more hours and a higher budget so we can get more potential compensated participation from the community.

Personally, I can help with being a point of contact on the ground for any devs or otherwise that would be attending and even be a warm body if needed in the event itself. Those who are available/veterans would be the best candidates and should get first dibs.

Thanks for weighing in on this!

Great questions Stefan! I asked the organizers and the are open to us doing a Keynote, there are two rooms hosting keynotes at WCC so there are options. Also, Stan Larimer is already speaking so just need to discuss some logistics. I'll tag you in the telegram as we work out those details and post the outcome of that discussion here on the forum as well.

As for attendance, it's a bit hard to say, however, we can make an effort to poll the audience for interest and make some guesstimates. I will say that Bitcoin/Blockchain conferences are an ecosystem in and of themselves and it seems like people live for those things haha. So, usually people are able to take the time off due to working in the industry itself, however, I've met non-crypto industry people who will usually attend a day or two depending on their schedule. The fact that it's partially on a weekend might actually work in our favor from that standpoint.

We have now combined this proposal with our original North American BitShares conference:

World Crypto Con Hackathon Sponsorship and Worker Proposal

Did you know that we have the opportunity to be a part of Las Vegas Blockchain week for the World Crypto Con (WCC) Hackathon? (

World Crypto Con is a 3-day event put on by a group called EVOLV who we have close ties to and are willing to open some doors for us. WCC will be from October 29-31st. Running concurrently will be WCC DEVCON (which will include a hackathon competition).

What will be the Event Schedule?

October 27th - 28th - The North American BitShares Conference
October 29th - 31st - World Crypto Con - Las Vegas
October 30th - 31st - WCC DEVCON

WCC DEVCON and the Hack-a-thon will commence from October 30-31st which nestles itself nicely into a Vegas weekend.

WCC is a global stage for industry leaders to share their breaking news and technologies with thousands of investors, experts, developers, businesses and attendees who are using blockchain and cryptocurrency to redefine our everyday lives.

Learn more about World Crypto Con (WCC) here:
WCC Sponsorship Deck:

What is Bitshares being offered? (Hackathon Packages)

There are 5 Hackathon Participation packaged available at $25,000 + A prize for the Hackathon Winners (TBD)

Hackathon Participation Packages include:

Your teams’ participation in Hackathon (5 team members)
Private Pavilion (Can be used for meetings, breakouts, exhibits or a lounge)
8x8 Exhibit Booth within WCC DEV CON
Table clings in networking area (Your coins logo)
2 hours of speaking time on main stage (Broken up as needed)
8 GA conference badges
10% discount on any additional sponsorship/exposure opportunities

A la carte sponsorship options
If we would rather cherry pick a handful of sponsorship options, we can do that as well.

A la carte Sponsor opportunities include:
8x8 Exhibit Booth $9,500
Roll up banners (Includes production) $1,750 each
Table clings in networking area (Your coins logo) $1,500 each
Carpet clings (24”x24”) $1,500

Total requested budget: $(25,000) + A Prize (TBD)

We have now combined this proposal with our original North American BitShares conference:

PASSED and now live!

 8) NEWLY UPDATED 7/10/19 Thanks for voting in this Worker Proposal! (

Please share your feedback on speakers and general conference ideas:

Speaker Nomination:
General Conference Survey:

This is a proposal author by Aaron Mangal (@healingvibes) along with John Conlin (Committee), Jonathon Bahai, Michael Taggart, and Dan Notestien.

Since I haven't posted here before it might help for folks to look at my background on LinkedIn and also content I have written about BitShares

This is meant to be a proposal combining the North American BitShares conference and WCC DEV CON.




Here are some questions we've received thus far and their answers:

Who will handle escrow? The Move Institute will supervise the funding escrow for the worker
Who is @healingvibes and the other organizers of this worker? Aaron Mangal is @healingvibes, B2B Marketer, Copywriter and of course long time BitSharian (circa 2015ish). Other leaders and authors of this are John Conlin (Committee), Jonathon Bahai, Michael Taggart, and Dan Notestien.
Will BitShares be allowed a keynote speech and what other deliverables will we get? Yes, we are still defining and designing the tracks for NA BTS but we will also get a spot in WCC's lineup (likely with Stan).  There is a bit of malleability for us all to consider to make this an amazing and valuable conference for all.

---Here in the final draft of the Worker Proposal to be live soon

Name/bfid: NA BTS/WCC/DEVCON Worker Proposal
Category: Marketing/Conference
Team: Michael Taggart, Aaron Mangal, John (john_on_chain), EVOLV (WCC event organizers, Dominic Hrabe, Adam Williams, Eric Spire), BTS Developers, BTS Brand Ambassadors
Total: $119,050
Duration: 4 months
Worker ID: TBD
Accounting & Reporting: TBD


This is a proposal to put together the North American BitShares Conference on October 27th - 28th in partnership with EVOLV, the event company behind World Crypto Con (WCC) happening October 29-31st (see details here:

Also, BitShares (and our desired developer/community cohort) would participate in the DEV CON Hackathon happening in parallel with World Crypto Con on October 30th which would entail a full day dedicated to this (see details here:

A poll conducted via Telegram and voted on for the last week in multiple channels has concluded that October 27th - 28th are the preferred dates for those that wanted to attend.

Executive Summary and Intent

The BitShares North American Conference (in partnership with World Crypto Con and the event company behind it EVOLV) at the Cosmopolitan on October 27-28th

We have the opportunity for us, the BitShares community, to co-create the first ever BitShares North American Conference for Las Vegas Blockchain week to precede World Crypto Con (WCC).

In addition, as a part of this package we would participate at World Crypto Con itself as an exhibitor and sponsor of DEVCON happening in parallel with WCC.

What is the North American BitShares conference?
Whatever we want it to be! Seriously though, we get full reign to build this conference how we’d like. EVOLV (who are hosting World Crypto Con, WCC) are providing their event services and slot they have preceding WCC at the Cosmopolitan.

What is World Crypto Con (WCC)?
World Crypto Con is a 3-day event put on by a group called EVOLV. WCC is a global stage for industry leaders to share their breaking news and technologies with thousands of investors, experts, developers, businesses and attendees who are using blockchain and cryptocurrency to redefine our everyday lives.

Who will attend World Crypto Con?
Executives, enthusiasts, and professionals from global enterprise companies, financial service providers, investment firms, traders, advisory & auditing institutions, blockchain focused startups, academic institutions, government policy advisors, and application developers. Estimates are close to 7,000 attendees during Las Vegas Blockchain Week.
What is WCC DEV CON?
WCC DEV CON will be on October 30th and run at the same time as WCC. As a part of this proposal we would be sponsoring the hackathon.

The Event Schedule
October 27th - 28th - The North American BitShares Conference
October 29th - 31st - World Crypto Con (WCC) Las Vegas
October 30th - WCC DEV CON

What will happen at World Crypto Con?
WCC 2019 will be 3 action packed days of discussions, product demos, expert keynote addresses, industry panel discussions and exclusive announcements from the best and brightest in the industry showcasing new products, ideas, and commercially viable applications of blockchain technology.

Over 7000 attendees are expected to be in town for Las Vegas Blockchain week

Budget Requirements

Budget needs: $(119,050) / 1,915,404 BTS Total / 15,961 BTS daily
Duration: 4 months

There are two main cost centers for our event:

(1) EVOLV's Event Management Fee, Venue Costs for NA BTS and BitShares Sponsorship of DEV CON Hackathon - For the venue management and labor of the conference production itself $(63,400)

(2) BitShares Planning, Delivery and Marketing of Conference - Conference Creation, Planning and Delivery of the conference content and Marketing as well as support to the community and any others involved in the NA BTS Conference and WCC DEV CON as participants or attendees $(25,000)

What will we get from EVOLV (organizer of WCC)?

() Opportunity to collectively build the tracks for the NA BTS conference
() Stage time for keynotes at WCC
() Promotion to WCC list
() Exhibiting at WCC
() Participation of BTS Devs in WCC DEV CON

What tracks will the North American BitShares Conference have?
[TBD] - We can decide as a community through polls post funding.

Summary of EVOLVE Fees and Deliverables

EVOLV would handle the following deliverables:

() Space at the Cosmopolitan during VBW
() A/V (staging, lights, sound, tables, chairs, etc.)
() Event signage
() Exhibit booths (if needed)
() Registration (on-site)
() Security

Summary of BitShares Community Support budget

We the BitShares community would be responsible for:

() Staffing the event
() Coordinating internal resources, discussions and attendance of any BTS supporters
() Planning and running the production (beyond the EVOLV management duties)

Everything that budget is spent on will be substantiated through weekly reports including labor, expenses and any other outflows. All unused funds will be returned to the community.

In addition, since the community would be front-loading the expenses we would like to return any additional profits from tickets and sales of post-produced video sessions after the event.

For previous reference we are using the WP from Alex Megalokonomos for their conference in Greece:

and this pre-proposal one for this year:

Detailed Budget Breakdown

Here is the pro-forma from EVOLV and budget required (with both the DEV CON and NA BTS Conference quotes combined):

WCC DEV CON Hackathon Sponsorship Deck (page 23):

1. EVOLV Cost Breakdown (per the pro-forma)

Production costs (outflows) from EVOLV are as follows:

Registration: $(4,000)
Insurance: $(500)
Convention Services (Cleaning, Misc, Venue Fees): $(1,500)
Event Security: $(400)
Production (A/V, Staging, Tables, Chairs, Event Signage): $(21,250)
Freeman, Encore (Sponsor signage, Exhibitor Booths, Power)                 
Production Subtotal: $(27,650)

Fixed Expenses (outflows from hotel/venue fees):

Hotel/Venue (F&B): $(38,400)
WCC DEV CON*: $(25,000)

*(Sourced from page 23 of the Sponsorship Deck:

Subtotal: $(63,400)

Since we are responsible for creating the conference tracks, implementation and management of our community participation, we are asking for some budget for those who will be in charge of this planning and implementation.

2. BitShares Cost Breakdown

Here is the budget and resources required by us internally to deliver on the planning and production side of the NA Bitshares Conference:

Event Staffing and Conference Track Planning and Logistics - Up to $(12,500)

Flight and Hotel $(6,500) - We are aiming a little high as we will have 5 days of activity including the NA BTS Conference (2 days), WCC (3 days), and WCC DEV CON (1 full day for developers) as well as our normal booth brand presence for the 5 days. All expenses will need to be logged and submitted to the organizers through an online form we will provide. 

Marketing Expenses $(9,500) - Paid advertising budget (e.g. Facebook) for generating ticket sales to NA BTS Conference (per the EVOLV marketing team's recommendation). We will create a separate marketing document with a plan to run small tests with small amounts before increasing our ad spend. We will share these results with the community at each step of the way and prior to any substantial ad spends.

Note: We will return all excess unused funds. This budget is meant for people directly participating in the NA BTS/WCC/DEVCON events however, we will also establish a separate Travel Reimbursement Fund for any BitShares community members/attendees that sign up at the event. We will have Witnesses and other companies in the BTS ecosystem donate to this fund.

Subtotal: $(25,000)

This is to ensure accountability on the creation and implementation of the NA BTS Conference itself. In addition, we would support developers, participants and any other partners before during and after the conference. This would include publishing and distribution of post produced content of the NA BTS and WCC DEV CON. 

We sought some guidance from EVOLV and have taken their recommendations into account to manage our labor needs for the 5 days of activity we will have planned.

The Labor breakdown would be as follows:

-Leaders/Conference Builders 40/hr - The Leaders around Building Conference Tracks, Recruiting Speakers, and other strategy, planning and implementation prior, during and after to the NA BTS and WCC conference, Including mobilizing BTS Conference Team, Developer, Community, Attendees and Partners for any engagements, gatherings and other coordination required | Conference Leaders/Builders: Aaron Mangal and Michael Taggart (Additional Team TBD,) (Please reach out if you are interested in helping)

-Event Manager 30/hr - Will be on-site at the conference and liaise with the A/V team and ensure speakers are queued up and ready to go before speaking for NA BTS and help with DEV CON liaising | Event Manager Team: John <johnr> (Additional Team TBD) (Please reach out if you are interested in helping)

-Brand Ambassador 20/hr - This will be people assisting Event Manager if needed but mainly at the Exhibit hall booths and helping promote BitShares brands at NA BTS, WCC and DEV CON. Also, help spread the word to attendees through our Telegram group and in person the day of the event. | Brand Ambassador Team: TBD (Please reach out if you are interested in helping)

Additional duties will be added as we plan this out. All team members will be required to keep daily time sheets submitted weekly to the Team Leader and then to the BTS Community.

Total outflow costs: $(27,650) + $(63,400) + $(25,000) = $(116,050)

Potential inflows (revenue)

Attendee Tickets   Inventory   Ticket Cost   Sold   Actual Gross   
Attendee GA Ticket   400               $197            400    $78,800   

Tickets Subtotal: 400 x $197 = $78,800   
Exhibit Booth Revenue: $6,500.00 x 10 = $65,000   

Sponsorship inflow (revenue) subtotal: $65,000

Total sponsorship and event revenue (estimated): $143,800

So just to recap:

Total outflows (costs): $(104,950)
Total inflows (revenue, estimated): $143,800[/u]

Total Net Profit: $38,850 (Based on 400 ticket sales)

In an effort to give back to the community based on our collective success, we propose that all profits be given back to the community fund (if there are no outstanding expenses from unforeseen collateral or attendee expenses).

This would include ticket sales and the sale of the videos of sessions which will be released sometime after the event and post production and sold for a given $USD value. (No more than 30 days after)


EVOLV owners and World Crypto Con (WCC) Organizers
  • Adam Williams
    Dominic Hrabe
    Eric Spire

These are the creators and hosts of the second annual World Crypto Con who are also long time BitShares fans. We are partnering with them to leverage their turn-key conference management services and venue in Las Vegas.

BitShares Community

  • Michael Taggart - Conference builder, leader and organizer, point of contact for day of the NABTS, WCC and WCC DEVCON event

    Aaron Mangal - Content Developer/Marketer, BitShares Community Liaison, Conference builder, leader and organizer, point of contact for the day of the event

    John, @john_on_chain (BitShares Committee Signature; New York) - Community member that will help be the point of contact for BTS Core Developers attendance and content around them such as panels or otherwise
Other BitShares Community Members to be determined (TBD) - We still need to complete a roll call for BitShares Developers and any other members that would like to be in the WCC DEVCON Hackathon or help as Leaders, Managers or Brand Ambassadors (We would like to recruit from within ideally)

Current Deliverables:
  • Get Worker Proposal Passed
    Pay first payment to EVOLV by early July
    Weekly calls around conference planning, to-dos and logistics (all hands on meeting with Builders, Leaders and Brand Ambassadors)
    Weekly Activity Logs of Conference Leaders/Builders, Team Leaders and Brand Ambassadors activity
    Weekly Summary of Conference Planning Recap with accomplishments, struggles and needs from the community (to be posted in the forum on the worker proposal thread)

Join the discussion happening in our dedicated NA BTS Telegram channel (send me a DM on Telegram @itshealingvibes) or reply to this thread with your handle an I'll add you.

Let us know your thoughts on this updated soon to be live passed Worker Proposal.


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