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General Discussion / Re: Options market?
« on: March 06, 2023, 01:54:35 pm »
Traders need to hedge their positions.  That means they need to be able to write and buy calls/puts.  Predictions and market pegged assets don't fill this need.

A liquid options market on L1 still does not exist.  If the framework is already there for it, it seems to me this would be a high leverage addition with little extra coding.

General Discussion / Options market?
« on: March 06, 2023, 11:59:18 am »
What's preventing BTS from integrating an options market currently?
Are there any plans to integrate options?

What about staking options?

General Discussion / Current Best Ways to Make Passive Return On BTS?
« on: March 02, 2023, 10:17:33 pm »
What are you finding are the current best passive return strategies?

Technical Support / Working NBS Wallet Options?
« on: January 05, 2021, 02:26:19 pm »
Are there any NBS wallets that allow for offline private key generation on new account creation?

I want to be able to create my wallet offline.  Is this possible?


I'm trying to import private keys from a 0.9.3c export to json file using:

Settings -> Restore/Import -> Restore from a backup or import keys -> Drop down (Import a BTS 0.9.3c key export file (.json).

When looking at the json file in a text editor it shows the accounts.  It shows the encrypted private keys, along with the public keys.

When I try to import get I the error "No accounts found":

What am I doing wrong?


Lottery had nothing to do with BTS, are you sure you're not talking about 'angelshares' ?

No. I'm talking about the lottery.  The mechanism was when you invested you got more BTS back based on when you sent in the BTC.  I have a Bishares-lottery wallet from that time.

If Bitshares-lottery was a scam, are you saying Dan didn't honor that promise?

I have a protoshares wallet.dat file & the password.  So for I've had no luck importing it into Bitshares 0.9.

Is there any other way I can extract the private keys from that file?

I have the file & the password that encrypts it.

Big thanks


Technical Support / "Import wallet" greyed out?
« on: July 21, 2020, 04:47:39 pm »
I'm trying to import an old protoshares wallet.dat file into bitshares0.9.3c.

I've created an account.  Then when trying to import through file->import account, the import account option is greyed out.

I've tryed 0.9.1 & 0.9.0.  Both show the same problem.

What's going on?

What would the fix be?


Bitshares lottery was the mechanism Dan was using to finance Bitshares dev.

We were promised BTS according to the date we sent the BTC in.

What happened to those claims?

P.S.  The wallet was missing, only recently recovered...that's why!

I was an early investor in 2015.

I have a Bitshares-lottery wallet & protoshares wallet.

What are my current options for redemption?


Technical Support / Bitshares Core CLI documentation?
« on: April 12, 2020, 07:50:22 pm »
Where can I get the documentation for the CLI?

Specifically right now I need to know how import private keys, and approve multi-sig send proposals.


I can't see anywhere in the UI to approve a proposed transaction?

All I see in the proposing account that doesn't have the private keys is Pending 0/4 and "Permanently reject".

I do not see anywhere in the approving accounts where the proposal can be approved?

How is it done?

Thanks.  But what is DEEX relationship with Bitshares?

Hi Folks,

I'm going through the documentation found here:

I'm having trouble finding how to do confidential/stealth/ transactions & blind sends.  The documentation mentions them, but does not show how to do them.

Reference:  This is what I'm referring to:

• Explicit Privacy: The TITAN technology in BitShares 2.0 slowed down blockchain processing significantly.
Because of this and because TITAN did not really offer good privacy, we eliminated TITAN as a default transaction feature. Hence: Account transactions are public now as well. However, since we recognize the value
of financial privacy, we offer blinded transactions that hide the transferred amount, and stealth transactions that
hide the sender and receiver. A combination of both is also possible.

It's mentioned in the documentation as be implemented.  Yet I cannot find further documentation on how to use it.

Can someone tell me how it's done?


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