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Technical Support / New business for crypto's
« on: August 24, 2014, 12:45:59 am »
So i have a great idea that has nothing to do with promoting crypto currency, nothing to do with decentralized anything, strictly a great business idea, but would promote the blockchain that it is designed to run on, where would I find help to design the product without paying a bunch of cash to get it done (kind of hoping for bored office networking professionals/programmers to answer this)? I hope to retain a good stake in my idea and am willing to pay only minimal payments for them to be produced but am willing to cover reasonable cost's associated with a startup product, -Post question- where would i post this type of a plea for assistance?

Now that I have a few PTS I want to keep them safe while I use them, I need to know if an exchange is a good place to keep them while I add more to my personal wallet, has anybody had issues with there transactions on an exchange? Have there been times that you cannot access your funds? Any other pertinent information would be greatly appreciated, thanx.

General Discussion / Search Engine, DAC
« on: November 23, 2013, 11:41:59 pm »
Reading through the idea's here has prompted me to just throw this out there for you guy's.
A company with a search engine could issue a DAC much like Protoshares are issued, user's of the utility could all be miners and have an account under their Kyhotee ID, when searching they could simultaneously be hashing, creating a wide distribution of the DAC, the company could accept the DAC for payment of services such as advertising, and by doing so they would be creating a reason to buy the DAC from the miners and also to accept the DAC as a form of payment. also the AP,DAC would integrate into this system as every engine needs good content.

Thank you to Bytemaster for the creative idea's here on this board, they inspired the thought above.

If I helped the gears of creativity turn your welcome to tip here  :) PdCHKpEdjqt7WRmGeuRmeyNkn8pzV12BSB

Marketplace / Interested in a Private Shopper? PTS Pymnt only?
« on: November 16, 2013, 04:48:54 pm »
What types of products would everyone like to buy with their PTS?

What would be the best delivery method?

Acceptable cost for the service?

When Keyhotee is running there will be no use for such a service obviously, but until then maybe you want some office supply's or whatever without first converting to currency accepted by other delivery services, not saying its something I am going to do, but the financial sector is growing in services and I think "cool! I can spend my PTS on an escrow service!" (I did see an Amazon gift card and e-gifts too), I see a need for businesses to be created and wonder what everyone else's thoughts are on the subject, maybe I would run such a service.

I have a history in Building and will offer Handyman services to those in my Locale (Will go anywhere in the U.S. for the right price  :D)
Looks like PTS will be around as long as Invictus is creating innovative products (don't quote me there).

If I have helped turn the gears of creativity, feel free to tip PdCHKpEdjqt7WRmGeuRmeyNkn8pzV12BSB

General Discussion / Trusted Forum Members
« on: November 08, 2013, 03:39:12 am »
Because wallet to wallet is the fastest way to use coins, a list of who can be trusted would be great, so, who do you trust?

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