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1 - Market on OpenLedger

By [member=18687]abit[/member] recommendations we transfer topic to General Discussion board.

We are cyber•Fund founders.
This is our investment funds:
Satoshi•Fund 2013 -
Satoshi•Fund 2014 -

Satoshi•Fund decided to issue IOU of Augur REP as Gatecoin did, but using decentralized exchange BitShares.

1951,87 REP exist under our management.

Confirmation of ownership:

351.04 REP - stored at 0x562a8dcbbeeef7b360685d27303bd69e094accf61
380.25 REP - stored at 0x7c4401ae98f12ef6de39ae24cf9fc51f80eba16b1
1220.58 REP -

There are 3 reasons why we want to sell some of our REPs:

1. Huge demand for Augur's REP and thus overvaluation on Gatecoin.
2. We want fix some at current valuation
3. We really want to test out BitShares as a platform on a real useful use case.

Please, ask questions.

Links: - Description on Cryptofresh - Thread on Reddit - Market on OpenLedger

General Discussion / cyber • Fund Public Placement
« on: July 20, 2015, 04:05:17 pm »
Update: November 22, 2015

cyber • Fund Public Placement

We are happy to inform you that cyber • Fund starts Public Placement!

Look at conditions now:

cyber • Fund Placement

cyber • Fund, the first platform that allows users to make informative decisions on investments in cryptoassets (blockchain systems and blockchain applications),
and to create and manage their investment portfolios,  starts a public placement campaign crowdselling 3% of its tokens - CFUNDs - to raise money for product/market fit.

cyber•Fund is created by Genesis Agreement as a private blockchain entity and there are
1 000 000 tokens issued using Open Assets Protocol.

Why should you invest in cyber•Fund?

1. cyber•Fund is a platform where anybody could discover everything about blockchain systems and applications. It is the first-choice platform for investors in cryptoassets, 
i.e. blockchain systems and applications, on one side, and developers of the blockchain systems and applications who want to attract money, on the other side

2. cyberFund operates in a market of blockchain systems and applications with a huge potential for growth.  It operates in a segment of blockchain investment services that
is estimated to be more than 100k bitcoins. 

3. To earn money and become a part of a team that shapes future of the blockchain investments.

More detailed information about Public Placement could be found in cyber•Blog:

42 bitcoins sought for cyber•Fund project

Update: October 06, 2015

We are happy to inform you -  cyber • Fund release real time social Portfolio Tracker of blockchain assets!

Look it now:

Try cyber • Fund Portfolio

You can try it right now:
Pubic accounts will be free forever.

Quick overview of features:

1. Real Time Portfolio - show you real time valuation of you cryptocurrencies;
2. Follow Favourites Cryptocurrencies - now you can track only assets that you like;
3. Keep Records of Your Public Keys - you can keep all your public keys in one place, and share your profile with your friends or clients;
4. Follow Best Portfolios`- to make better decision, you can follow public portfolios of other users;
5. Share Assets by Account - you can divide your assets on accounts, to compare in what account investments grow faster or simple keep records;
6. Table with All Your Assets - now you see what equity share of each asset do you have, you can compare or sort it and make your portfolio better.

Look real time public Portfolios of our customers:

 - @satoshi_fund
 - @dadealra
 - @ADSactlyCrypto
 - @TrollinTeemo
 - 21xhipster[/member]][member=20504]21xhipster[/member]
 - @Lomashuk

More detailed information about Portfolio in cyber•Blog:

Read: How to Track Crypto Portfolio?

сyber•Fund makes digital investments comprehensible, accessible, easy and safe. сyber•Fund believes in a leading role of blockchain and cryptoplatforms in the future, which unite together all the existing technologies into the global Intelligence.

The industry overview could be found in Cybernetic Economy Report 2015 H1.

Ask questions and discuss everything about blockchains, DAOs, DApps, disruptive math and social consensus innovations on our forum - cyber•Talks.

Also, don’t forget that we love to tweet!

Read  more information about сyber•Fund and cybereconomy in cyber•Blog.

Main Updates:

15-11-22 42 bitcoins sought for cyber•Fund project
15-10-06 How to Track Your Cryptoportfolio?
15-08-13 Do your own research with cyber•Fund
15-08-04 Cybernetic Economy Report 2015 H1
15-07-22 Releasing the Rating
15-03-07 Cybernetic Economy Report 2015

Thank you!
Konstantin Lomashuk

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