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I'm using the 0.9.2 client on Windows 8 and I don't see a wallet.dat anywhere in appdata\roaming\BitShares

My goal here is to keep my funds and current BitShares account name.

Looking at the console commands in BitShares, it seems I might be able to do the following:

1) run wallet_backup_create <json_filename>
2) move json file to usb stick
3) reformat
4) install bitshares
5) put json backup in appdata\roaming\BitShares\wallets\.backups\default (not exactly sure if this is where the backup json should go)
6) run wallet_backup_restore <json_filename> <wallet_name> <imported_wallet_passphrase>

Is this the easiest path to migrate my wallet/account name/funds t? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I would like this transition to be as painless as possible :)

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Any suggestions?

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