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Notification from the Chinese community about "sfinder"
Forum name :  sfinder , AKA 星在飘我在找 , 星在飘我要找 ,coins???  "" ,well known in the Chinese community .

He's a well known member of the Chinese community for what he claimed to "Used the free trial of VPS to mined 3000 PTS in the first three days which worth nearly 100K USD at the highest price ".

Because of he's claim , many people in the Chinese community get to know him , be friends with him , some of those people are actually well respected members of the Chinese community .

It's no secret that sfinder =  星在飘我在找 = 星在飘我要找 = COINS ??? =""  , he can deny all he want , but the people who he friended with before have no doubt in that , including the ones who team up with him to be a delegate .

Under the support and team up with other Chinese member , he got voted in as delegates , even Bytemaster voted for him once.  (multiple delegates)

This person was constantly spreading half-truth FUD on the comment zone of the BTC38 exchange , to cause panic , maybe for fun ? May be for manipulating the price ? We're not sure . But when his team mate and former friends confronted him with that information , he laughed , he said that even if he does not spread this kind of FUD , other people would . "You guys should thank me , because of me , you can have this low price for BTS " , this kind of sentence repeatedly spoken on a delegate  QQ group . Finally , nearly all of the Chinese members were angry , so they kicked him out of the delegate QQ group , his former team mates left the team .

After he was kicked out from the Chinese community and the core QQ groups , he joint another QQ group again to spread FUD , and continue to spread FUD on the BTC38 comment zone .  (later on , his forum ID coins and sfinder defended sfinder on the forum , to explain his actions on BTC38 was fair comment . ) But the weird part is , now he's claiming the guy posted the information on BTC38 can not be linked to the sfinder ID on the forum ? What a joke , can he even hear himself ?

The Chinese community thought they've get rid of the bad influence of this guy ? They were so naive . After the merger plan was released , he saw the opportunity of being a paid delegate , but he was afraid that only great contributors can get the high pay rate seat . So , he announced in a QQ group that "I had to do something to prove himself to BM and stan , so they can vote for me ".  Later on ,  during the falling of BTSX price , he even said openly "I'm buying ! Good price ! Oh , wait , if I can post some scandal about I3 China and let the outside world to see , then the price of BTSX would be dropped to 0.06CNY for sure ! (it was 0.1 CNY then ) .  I can buy more ! "  Other people in the QQ group were angry at his behavior , urge him to stop spread FUD for personal gain , but he laugh at them , said "if I don't do it , somebody else would , that's the nature of the market , I'm just a ride along " .

Although sfinder want to cut ties with this person in the QQ group , but everybody know he's sfinder in the past 6 months .

The next day , a post regarding to a FUD scandal was released by a username called "" , which was registered in August . So , you can see how a grand planer this guy is .
In this FUD post , the fake  "" ID used a mis-spell "stay turned" instead of "stay tuned" , same grammar error was made by sfinder's previous unrelated post .

And the Coins ID on this forum  , from what the Chinese have gathered so far , the way he talks is essentially the same tone as sfinder .  So , the Chinese are highly suspect that guy was sfinder's fake ID too.

This guy , sfinder , acted like a puppy in front of the English speaking people , but showed his true nature in many Chinese posts and communications in QQ groups for nearly 6 months .

Oh , wait , in addition to how bad this guy was , Do you know what NEM stake is ? Yeah , a project that was distributed on , the project specifically told no one can use multiple account to get free NEM stakes , but sfinder registered multiple account to get multiple NEM stakes ,  and brag it on the Chinese QQ group . He was even discovered spreading FUD on the very NEM  project he claimed . What a joke !

All the evidence was reviewed by the most respected members of the Chinese community , these is no point of arguing the validity anymore . Of course , none of this can be proved in Court , because we don't have that kind of investigating power like the NSA, but Do the community really want to risk the future of this community despite of the best judgement from the Chinese community ?

His delegate names are :

Quote from BTSDAC member : coins ,you own the delegate coin of KEYID, and name coin in KEYID is from Genesis block , so you also control the name of coin in btsx.  sfinder control the name of coin in btsx so the result is  coins and sfinder are same person.
actually in QQ group ,most of man know who you are .

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