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Please, somebody help me understand why seems to be the case that some SmartCoins have now implemented 0.1% Market Fee, without any community input whatsoever.... Questions so far:

Why just some smartcoins have others do not?

How is this would impact the referral program since the fees applied are flat to LTM and non LTM?

Who is receiving those fees?

Who was responsible for changing it, who voted for?


General Discussion / Against FBA
« on: December 23, 2015, 05:45:59 pm »
I'm the only one that think this is bad idea? I mean, I very appreciate the BM try to find a funding solution for things but this is so bad for BTS that for the first time ever I have consider moving on of this project, In the past after search all crypto projects at the time I end up here thanks of our community and values, and I would argue that FBAs are against both.

1 - Community or comum unity, our community token is BTS, creating other tokens means divide the community, make us not one set of values and goals anymore, now BTS have someone name in the chain and are in debt with then. If our value is to create a fair system, the FBA makes no sense.

2 - What the problem with dilution? - I mean, even if (is a big IF) that means a little short term drop in the price, if you are like me and really believe in the project, whats the matter? You can even buy some more at discount.

3 - Promises - Each token is like a promise, we cannot go on forever making promises upon promises to people, I understand that CNX have now little stake on the project, but this is not excuse for trying to use the BTS for making profit like that, to be honest I think is even disrespectful to old holders like me that lost more then 80% waiting things get done, now that they are, because of lack of capacity to approve things democratically, try to compromise future revenue streams like that. This smells like FED.

As an old stakeholder that sincere belief on the values of this project I urge the community to vote against this type of thing, BTS 2.0 is here and is great, now is time to democratize things, if we need funds we dilute, straightforward if we make money we burn, as one community, one token, one set of values. If you no matter who want a feature, raise the necessary approval in BTS terms, Will be my pleasure vote for you.

Let's price things in BTS not USD here please.

I would like to candidate myself as a proxy voter too, if you agree, my bts is theredpill.

General Discussion / Looking for the perfect fee structure
« on: November 09, 2015, 12:06:56 am »
I was thinking on what to do with my money and have an idea about the fees that I guess do not need to develop nothing (no more dilution) and would work for UIAs and SmartCoins as well, improve liquidity and profit.

Let's say I have 5 btc spare that I don't want to trade just now, or wanna a better price for it, where I put then? The answer is: where I trust and do not cost me money for. Because I just gonna wait a better deal. Ok so to the market maker (the ones that provide liquidity by let the maney sitting on the blockchain) we just charge the %MINIMAL_ANTISPAN_FEE% in BTS lets say 1 BTS and then charge 0.2 or 0.3 percent of whatever the taker is paying, if is an UIA, the value we are charging is 0.2 or 0.3 percent and done (not need the rate for pricing). I the same way around If I see a good opportunity sitting on blockchain for me I dont mind paying 0.2 or 0.3 percent, everybody gets happy, and charge nothing more for putting the money in and out or transfers or barrow and cover except for anti span prevention.

if the taker is lifetime member reduce to 0.05%

Please consider doing this, then we will see liquidy building with time, and them profit.
What do you thing?

Stakeholder Proposals / Witness competition
« on: August 16, 2015, 01:56:49 am »
Hello everyone

I would like to suggest a change that I think will get our project even more
attractive to move and improve security, reliability, decentralization
and response time from de witnesses, goes like this:


Competition is what keep people motivated to do their best, If you have
better ideas or resources you may be happy to use and be compensated fairly, but how to
make competition between the witnesses when they need to be voted
and mine in a predictable manner for our amazing speed and precision like this in the beautifully BM idealized system? Changing the reward.

Every consensus round, the witnesses will be positioned in an escale where the best would receive much better reward during the next sequence of blocks (witness will be normally randomly selected)

The criteria:

The criteria for ordering the witnesses is divided into 2 parts:
   1 - Reputation (60% weight suggestion)   Reputation will be most important and point based, pointing up block mined and great response time, point down missing blocks and very hard down invalid block
   2 - How much they are willing to invest in the system (40% weight suggestion)   The measuring of how much BTS/year they lock or the value equivalent of PoW that they have done multiplied by the price per Ghs of the specific hashing algo (price choose by voting) please keep in mind that I'm not fan of mining myself, I was in love to PoS until I discovered DPoS but let me try to explain why this:

Burning energy is stupid, but the option is of the person who are burning, but we cannot deny that is a very effective way of distributing tokens to people that will immediately give value to, because have spent energy into, and have contributed to the network a bit. Also are a great entering point for those who want to try, but do not want to spend money or not has, may have access to a school computer and start making fan.
This also generate interest for those who already have some equipment or cheap energy. We just need to make sure that investing money will always be better than burning.

Since the PoW is not inherent part of the protocol, we can protocolize lots of problems in each range of 100 blocks lets say, in varios popular hashing algos and within a range of difficulties, the first who sign a block with the specific solution gain the proportional reward that will be valid to they order on the next witness change round.

   Witness will get incentive to be more trustworthy, reliable and fast
   More people will came in because of reduced entering barrier
   We will be the first blockchain to be have the best of DPoS and PoW
   Lots of witnesses
   Demand for BTS because to invest locking
   Stable energy price reference

I'm a software developer and I'm thinking in implementing this myself, please hit me suggestions

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