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Technical Support / Question about PTS mining
« on: December 08, 2013, 10:31:25 pm »
Hey guys,

New to the whole PTS thing, but somewhat enthousiastic :)
I've started mining 1 machine (for now) on the ypool pool (sounds strange).

But I have some questions about the miner, or at least, what I'm seeing.

Collision/min: 62.3704 Shares total: 1
Now, I suppose the collision/min is the speed at which I'm calculating whatever I'm supposed to be calculating. And the shares is the stuff I need to be finding for the pool.

Then from time to time I get a "New block data - high 30148 tx count: 4" What does this exactly mean? That I finished "mining" a block and starting a new one?

Maybe I'm on the spot and just overcomplicating things. But I like to now what I'm looking at :)

Any help is appreciated!

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