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I still have some OPENBTC (very old UIA) that I want to convert into OPEN.BTC (not so new UIA)

The market:

Could you please put up a buy order for the leftover OPENBTC that haven't been converted yet to the new OPEN.BTC at 1:1 ?

I am pretty sure I'm not the only one facing this issue


General Discussion / Should we focus on the Chinese Community ?
« on: March 20, 2016, 03:48:45 pm »

*Chart is 1 year old

General Discussion / Now is the time to get more exposure
« on: March 11, 2016, 04:13:00 pm »
Gaining traction on Pol*niex can bring us lots of new traders, Smartcoin are a way to gain traction imo

I know it would be best if everyone traded on the DEX but there need to be a transition phase, I think this can help.

What if... we wrote a little template: a ticket to Pol*niex telling them we would provide more liquidity if they fixed some little things.

I could write the template myself but I don't think my English is not good enough  :P

Fix #1:

At the moment, Pol*niex display two pairs, bitCNY & bitUSD, in the less intuitive way.

Pair is     BTC/bitUSD      and should be     bitUSD/BTC      in order to easily read the price.

ex:   0.00238095 BTC/bitUSD     should be    420 bitUSD/BTC

Fix #2:

Write your own...  ;)

Freebie / Synergy
« on: March 10, 2016, 08:49:20 pm »
Potential synergy with Discord?  (

[Apply for partnership]

Freebie / Automating ShareBits
« on: February 16, 2016, 03:07:45 pm »
Twitter is a great tool to stay in touch with your audience, we all know about that.

With ShareBits, you can give Twitter even more power : You can send assets (BTSFCX, DOGE, GOLD, BTS, ...) to people on Twitter.

Isn't it already mind blowing enough?

Not for us !

What if we could automate the process ?

Example:    - Sending 10 BTSFCX to every new follower
                   - Sending 1 BTSFCX for every retweet
                   - Sending 1 BTSFCX for every mention
                   - Sending a giveaway code for 100 BTSFCX every X hours

As pointed by [member=602]fuzzy[/member]  an open source bot would do a great job at this.

But what if we wanted to give it a shot right now ? To have some feedback.

What if we combined [Twitter & ShareBits] with another [Twitter App] ?

[Zapier]: Let you automatically send a tweet every time someone retweet/follow/mention you (

Example (10 BTSFCX / New Follower):


[Tweet Jukebox]: Let you schedule tweets in advance. Works nicely for scheduling a giveaway. (

Freebie / Steam accepting Bitcoin?
« on: February 09, 2016, 11:32:33 am »

We'll see a wave of gamer come into the crypto space not too far from now  8)

General Discussion / The #1 Intro Video to BitShares
« on: December 05, 2015, 04:07:13 pm »
Hi everybody  :D

We finished the script for our first Intro video to BitShares in French. Animation is in progress.
We could use some help to adapt our script for the english version as we are not native english speakers.

The script comes in 3 main section:
1) BitShares Philosophy
2) Technicalities
3) Use Cases

Here is the first draft in english:
BitShares is a financial entity existing outside of the traditionnal economic system, a decentralized exchange platform based on Blockchain technology.

BitShares does not belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone. No single entity owns this platform nor decides of it’s management and evolution. Every people owning BTS are actually shareholders and own a part of it. Decision-making process is achieved through internal voting between shareholders.

BitShares comes from  latest generation Blockchain technology, it features a secure, transparent and decentralized network offering a safe way to exchange across the globe. The BitShares network ignore country border, it’s only borders is the World Wide Web. No abusive jurisdiction can claim control of its network.

BitShares is based on Bitcoin technology, the blockchain but takes it’s application on to the next level. On Bitcoin blockchain you can transfer its crypto-currency, bitcoins, without the needing any centralized third-party (banks).

BitShares allows people to use its crypto-currency, bitshares, as the fundation for all the features you would want to have from a bank or an exchange without the un-needed centralization.

Issue you own crypto-currency. It will allow you to start a crowdfunding, to reward people throught internet and social networks, to create your own affiliate marketing program or fidelity program and the list just goes on... Possibilities are limitless.
Transfer any currency (or asset) anywhere in the world in 1 second with fees never superior to 10 cents. Available 24/7/365.
Offer a new payment method to your clients, add a new revenue source for your business, learn new ways to monetize your website or web-based company.

Hold on €, $, £, gold, oil, nasdac index, … without any risk of seizure or restriction from authorities.

Be part of a groundbreaking worldwide community

Text will be in voiceover both in English and French versions.

Help will be rewarded with BTSFCX  ;D

General Discussion / Graphene Blockchains
« on: November 21, 2015, 05:08:27 am »

I'm trying to map Graphene Blockchains and what they can do.

1) What am I missing ? (lots of things)
2) What should I delete from the map ?
3) Which sector could be disrupted next ?

Hey guys!
We just created our UIA, BTSFCX  :D
Here are my questions:

We never funded the fee pool and yet the network pays tx fees in BTSFCX, where does the BTS come from when we pay tx fees with BTSFCX ?

How can we choose to pay tx fees with BTS by default ? Disabling "Charge Market Fee" ?
What is the "Pool Balance" ? Why does his value is 234 578 127 ?
What is "Unclaimed Issuer Income" ? Why does his value is 15 421 874 ?

Technical Support / Benefits of being a Lifetime Member
« on: November 11, 2015, 04:25:42 pm »
I would like to have a deeper understanding of the benefits you have as a Lifetime Member account.

Do you get back 80% of the fee paid for creating an Asset ?  ???

Français (French) / BitShares French ConneXion 2.0
« on: September 11, 2015, 01:48:47 pm »

BitShares French ConneXion a été plutôt occupé ces 3 derniers mois !!!

Au début de notre projet, nous nous contentions d’utiliser un service de web très basique (un constructeur/hebergeur de web) parce que nous étions occupé avec la traduction de BitShares 101.

Nous avons rencontré beaucoup de problèmes avec le site; il était vraiment lent à charger, on ne pouvait pas y insérer un forum décent, toutes modifications devaient être éffectuées à l’aide de modules pré-construits, on n’y pouvait même pas insérer le moindre scrypt en PHP.

Nous avons rapidement réalisé que ce site n’était pas, et ne serait jamais, à la hauteur de ce que vous méritez. Nous avions besoin de quelque chose capable d’évoluer, de quelque chose de plus robuste, nous avions besoin de BitShares French Connexion 2.0 … ;p

Nous avons désormais un site web flambant neuf ainsi qu’un nouveau forum.  Le but étant de fournir un lieu d'accueil et de communication pour tous les francophones.

Nous fournissons toute la documentation internationale à jour et en français:

101 BitShares
Le Flyer
Le trifold

Nous avons écrit plusieurs articles d’introduction à BitShares ainsi qu’aux crypto-monnaies pour les newbies.

Nous sommes en ligne depuis hier mais nous nous retiendrons de faire du bruit autour de BitShares tant que la 2.0 n’est pas sortie. Nous préférons ne pas trop disperser l’attention de nos visiteurs avec des informations sur la 0.x, c’est pourquoi nous concentrerons nos efforts sur la création d’une communauté francophone après la sortie de BitShares 2.0.

Venez nous rendre visite, nous sommes ouverts et apprécierons tous les retours.

BitShares French ConneXion Team

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