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Français (French) / Traduction de Graphene UI sur transifex
« on: December 08, 2015, 04:34:42 pm »

en ayant parcouru le client, on ne peut que constater que la traduction en français est vraiment à la traine et incomplète.
On ne peut pas vraiment espérer attirer des nouveaux utilisateurs de BitShares sans avoir un client parfaitement traduit et sans message du style "%error" sur le client...

Cela ne fait absolument pas professionnel et surtout n'inspire absolument pas confiance à un nouvel utilisateur souhaitant y déposer des fonds!

Nous nous devons d'y remédier tous ensembles! C'est un effort de communauté et nous allons y travailler sérieusement, cependant nous ne pouvons prendre la responsabilité seuls pour une traduction aussi technique.

Il faut vraiment s'y mettre tous ensemble et travailler dessus pour que BitShares aie un possible futur dans une communauté francophone déjà très peu informée sur le sujet.

Je me permets donc de poster ici, pour qu'on se motive tous à apporter une pierre à l'édifice.

Pour information elle se trouve sur :
C'est un programme très facile d'utilisation où l'inscription se fait en une petite minute via google par exemple.

Sur qui pouvons nous compter pour faire avancer cette traduction? Merci de votre soutien et postez ci-dessous si vous êtes motivés et disposés à faire avancer les choses.

Technical Support / Backup on Openledger does not download on safari Mac
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:59:23 pm »
I have created an account on openledger and intended to create a backup file.
Openledger opens a new blank window but no backup file download. I cannot find it anywhere on the computer.

It would be great to have an answer soon as I really want a back up  :-\


Just wanted to tell you guys that you made a great video again. It is just awesome to see a lot of BitShares actors and put faces on voices or lines of text!

Like said on youtube, you made the subtitles on the video and I think it would be a great idea to translate it in several languages.

As of me, I will do the french translation in the name of the BitShares French ConneXion for the video.

It would be great if it could be in several other languages!!!! I think this video is great for inspiration and explains well technical and financial aspects but also the philosophy of BitShares.

If anyone is interested by doing this small work of translation feel free to post in here. I will maintain the list of languages up to date.

One thing only, @roadscape @bitscape , in what format would you like the subtitles to be? Could you possibly put the link to the subtitle file to make it easier for everyone?

BitShares Peer to Peer Tour


- French : BitShares French ConneXion  (work in progress)

General Discussion / BitShares French ConneXion 2.0
« on: September 11, 2015, 01:48:46 pm »

Hey guys, we’ve been working on something you might want to check out.
BitShares French ConneXion 2.0… Rewritten from scratch.

We have been quite busy those last 3 month !!!

We already had a website up and running available for the french community. But it was not good enough … We soon realized that we were very limited in actions we could do on our website due to the fact that we used a builder/hoster for its creation. At the time we were very busy translating by ourselves the BitShares 101 book and did not have enough time to do it otherwise.

It was too slow… no, even slower than you can imagine… no decent forum, no modifications possible, well not as we wanted it to be.

The 2.0 BitShares announcement rang for us as an alarm warning… This was the time… The time to go BitShares French ConneXion 2.0 !!!!!!

We wanted to be more in adequation with the quality found on this community by sharing some common design and philosophy.

We have now a freshly made website, a brand new forum that will be looking slightly like this one ;)

Every features we had on our “antique” website is also available on the new one:
101 BitShares
The Flyer
The trifold
The infographic

We created severals articles to introduce Cryptocurrencies and BitShares for newbies.

We provide as well the whole 2.0 description in french !

We finished it all a couple of days ago and we are online since yesterday but we won’t do too much noise until BitShares 2.0 will be released as we don’t want to complicate a newcomer’s experience with a soon to be obsolete 0.9 version. We are now completely ready to grow a big and healthy french community around BitShares 2.0 as soon as it get live.

Feel free to visit us, any feedback will be very much appreciated

The BitShares French ConneXion team

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