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Openledger / The URL just sucks.
« on: October 26, 2015, 12:12:37 pm »
As well as being far too long, if I paste that URL on reddit to try to share how great our exchange is, it will immediately get buried as altcoin spam.

Everyone still thinks that an exchange can only be provided by a private entity, so thats what they expect to use. Like it or not, BitShares has not yet established itself as an exchange - its just an altcoin to most people. Dont believe me check out the price.

That site is provided by CCEDK, so why didnt they promote the webwallet under their own name? / would have been MUCH better.

After the bond market is released and people are asking on reddit "How do I short Bitcoin?", you think Im going to paste the URL ? No I will get buried to oblivion. I would however paste the url

I hope that when Banx sets up their webwallet, they wont make the same amateurish mistakes.

Perceptions matter.

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