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BitShares PTS / - SCAM?
« on: February 18, 2016, 06:33:57 pm »
Hi. At once I want to apologize for the English, it is not my native language. Therefore perhaps there are a lot of mistakes in the text.

I ask community to help to understand to me in the circumstances. The person for the help in selection of the forgotten password for the BTC of a purse asked me recently. The purse had balance 100 BTC. I included the program and some time without success tried to find its password. Then to reduce search time I decided to ask for the help more qualified specialists. And readings information in a network I found the DAVE BITCOIN in a search result

I contacted Dave E-mail: [email protected], is lower a correspondence screen. Where told it a situation. And Dave agreed to help with selection of the password for payment of 20% of the sum. I installed the program which is recommended on the site Dave and which allegedly has to subtract the password from confidential keys after dump. But actually, as it appeared there is something other and Dave receives as a result of decoding not the password the phrase and your private keys. Also can do then with your coins anything and not return them to you.

All archive after dump was sent to 17.02.2016 at 1.01 o'clock local time.
Lower link to archive and screen. It is sent to the address DaveBitcoin [email protected] .com,

After a while 8-10 hours of a coin from a purse were transferred by someone to other address. Here link to transaction:

After that Dave didn't contact some hours. But late at night he at last wrote. He writes me, the purse was stolen and other owner, I at Dave had an address E-mail to which contacted the new owner and it type translated coins. It Dave as if has no relation to transaction any more.

It guarded me and I wrote the response letter of Dave where asked to provide correspondence or the Email address new, allegedly the owner of a purse. For clearing of a situation. I didn't receive the answer to this request.

The next morning the owner of a purse who initially asked me for the help contacted, I depicted to it a situation as is. He assured me that he is the real owner but not someone another and asked to return quicker to it it BTC.

Now I have a difficult situation on the one hand the owner of a purse who demands to return its sum. On the other side of Dave which used means but doesn't wish to return necessary part back. How to me to arrive? I have obligations to the owner of a purse, perhaps I should collect the necessary sum. Therefore all possible donations can be directed on the address: 1J7VXXp78o1zuSoxZYr5e9zvdSe9ybspEX

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