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Since we can't really mine Bitshares we need to mine something so we can buy more Bitshares. Recently I was shocked to realize that I’m getting the most profit from the coin that doesn’t even use a computer to mine. This is the coin of “Lets Talk Bitcoin” and you mine it through “Proof of participation”. Basically you just post in ltb forums, leave comments, argue with people, you do the same what you would on bitsharestalk, but you are getting paid for it in LTBcoins and you’re paid a lot.

2 weeks ago I’ve made maybe 10 posts in the forum (not even that much) and listened to podcast that counts as additional 5 forum posts. I was paid 15900 LTBcoins at the end of the week. I’ve sold them on the the exchange for 555 satoshi each = 0.088 BTC My next week's profits was 0.075 BTC This is insane! This is a way more then I'm getting from the regular mining.

Guide to mining:
Step 1. Create new account at (I would appreciate if you would use my referral link)

Step 2. Create your LTBcoin address and link it to your account. Great step by step guide with pictures is here

Step 3. Start posting to forums in Community section, make comments on shows, just do normal stuff you would do on bitsharestalk, but do it here instead

Step 4. Adam will pay you each Saturday, you sell here , you buy Bitshares

Since I've helped several new users I've noticed common mistakes new people are making. Please read this:
  • Don't just register under my link and expect coins. You need to complete both Step 1 and Step 2.
  • You're paid for each activity your do on Let'sTalkBitcoin. You will not get much coins unless you do what Step 3 says
  • The optimal strategy is to do 1-2 forum posts per day, but not all at once.

More info:
About LTBcoin
Activities that earn you coins
Proof of participation

Why do I tell you this?
Once you realize how easy and profitable it is to mine LTBcoins I hope you can do me a small favor by creating account using my referal link. I’ll get some LTBcoins from your referral and you will get some insane profits from this new coin.

Also if you forgot to register through my link you can still do it. Please go to letstalkbitcoin site, click on your username in top right corener => Account Settings  => enter "belltown" in Referred By => Submit

MemoryCoin / - exciting news!
« on: January 14, 2014, 04:31:31 pm » has a new owner! Experienced miner and long time MemoryCoin supporter svyatoslav is taking over the work that I've started. Now will be getting regular updates and it will be much more useful for MemoryCoin community with the new owner.

Please support svyatoslav and his work on! He will be a great asset for the coin.

MemoryCoin / is NOT for sale
« on: January 07, 2014, 07:18:47 pm » is NOT for sale anymore. We have a new owner!

MemoryCoin / It seems we have no CMO anymore
« on: January 07, 2014, 01:47:00 am »
Support: MVTEcmo2iUnZn5cHJ7SKrhLMwi7EGPfgnq (belltown) (71463)
Support: MVTEcmomeCbA7cmqF6DSR8TYPJgUDddsVP (9396)
Candidate Elected: MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3 (85284) <==============
Surplus Transfer Value: 0.0251117
Add grant award to Block MVTEcmo1111111111111111111115e9dK3 (48)

Winner Support:

-->38402 MD3girn1fCpRWYbwrZNjix1J2Mh1yGbNcg
-->37681 M9rJudKWdiE4dQd2K6DD9bLtkviKwnhNZG
-->7059 MDmDhreqXipmZdYqcGN2WMKJUfcdTu4bRr

MemoryCoin / Newmine just got elected as CNO
« on: January 05, 2014, 02:27:21 am »
Candidates with votes equalling more than 10% of Droop quota
Support: MVTEcno2tbsJWj7AQEyEjgk72j94hbPHFm (IsaacGoldbourne) (33399)
Support: MVTEcnoqHvr7AWRSBFUSpVCBKcxUfxVEad (FaSaN) (39891)
Support: MVTEcnoxdvRA1EJuRRh6QT6Cw8pRTPdcre (Newmine) (40262)  <========
Candidates Eliminated (6)
Candidate Eliminated: MVTEcno2tbsJWj7AQEyEjgk72j94hbPHFm (IsaacGoldbourne) (33399)

I don't want to criticize Newmine but he has very unusual ideas what he wants to do as CNO. I think we can pick a better candidate for our coin.


MemoryCoin / This is our chance to make MemoryCoin really big!
« on: December 31, 2013, 06:36:15 am »
One of the very talented bloggers just wrote the best post even written about MemoryCoin

This is our chance to put his post in front of one of the the big news sources and make MemoryCoin famous. Thousands of people can learn about our coin in an instant. MMC to the moon!

The first idea we had was to submit this to HakerNews or Reddit Then we can ask our community to vote it up and up. Hopefully we can make into the top page. Unfortunately, both HN and Reddit require account to be able to vote. I know some people will be glad to create an account to help MemoryCoin, but not all will.

So my question is where do we have more accounts? On Reddit or HakerNews? Let’s organize our campaign on something we have better chances of succeeding.

Any other news sources we can have a better chance of succeeding?

MemoryCoin / CMO team is expanding! Social Media Specialist hired.
« on: December 30, 2013, 02:18:04 am »
I'm excited to announce that there is a new addition to CMO team.

isaacgoldbourne accepted an offer to be Social Media Specialist on CMO team. He will be responsible for the news blog on, MemoryCoin subreddit and twitter. I'm convinced Isaac will be a great asset for the coin and I'm looking forward to work with him.

FreeTrade, could you help our new hire to get access to WordPress? 


MemoryCoin / Our own forum on! Who knew?
« on: December 27, 2013, 04:14:51 am »
I've just found out about this. It turns out admin created a special forum just about MemoryCoin 2.0! This is great. I've just posted some basic info about the coin there.

Guys, please spread some love on that forum. Let's keep cryptocointalk community informed and interested in our coin!

MemoryCoin / price ticker on!
« on: December 24, 2013, 10:42:50 pm »
I know, you will be checking every 10 minutes now:)

MemoryCoin / Please support MMC to be included on
« on: December 24, 2013, 06:22:00 pm »
Now we have an exchange and a block explorer. Let's get included on
Please express your support on:

MemoryCoin / site re-design
« on: December 22, 2013, 07:31:53 am »
How do you guys like the new design? But I guess any design is better then what was before :D

MemoryCoin / Pool: before we have proper pool let's start "small pools"
« on: December 21, 2013, 12:12:48 am »
Before the proper pool is done, we can solve the pool problem in decentralized way: “small pools”. Tell me what you guys think. This should totally work as a temporary solution.


Requirements to join a “small pool”:
1. You guarantee that your miners will run 24/7 at the same hash rate and will mine to the proper wallet (shared wallet, or wallet known by the pool owner).

2. You should provide remote access credentials for the pool owner so he can ssh or remote desktop to each of your miners. Pool owner will do random inspections few times a day to verify that your miners are still mining at the hash rate they should to the wallet they should. If your miner doesn’t do what you guaranteed you will be penalized.

3. If you find a block your coins go to the pool.

If the pool owner finds that people cheat he adds this additional requirement:
4. You make refundable 280 MMC deposit. If you leave the pool you get your deposit back. If you cheat you will be banned and you will not get your deposit back.

Pool operations:
1. Daily balance of pool’s wallet will be paid out to pool members according to the hash rate they contributed.

2. Pool fee set by the pool owner.

MemoryCoin / Client doesn't sync after 0.8.54 update? Do this!
« on: December 18, 2013, 08:17:51 pm »
It seems like many people run into this issue. You were on the wrong fork so you upgraded to 0.8.54 and now your client doesn't sync. It seems to me that the issue is that your client was still syncing after block 607, so now you have the wrong blockchain.

It's easy to fix this issue:
1. Backup your wallet! I don't want you to risk losing any coins.
2. Close your client
3. Go to C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\MemoryCoin in Windows or I believe ~/.memorycoin in Linux
4. Delete everything but wallet.dat and peers.dat
5. Open your client, it will download the new blockchain and it will sync

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