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Here is the code for EOS

It would be good to finally get multisig escrow payments. Bitshares would be a fantastic replacement for things like Patreon, KickStarter, and Bounty Source. I'm far more inclined to put money towards a project if I can do it in something stable like bitUSD/bitCNY. Perhaps we can get something like this in motion?

Stakeholder Proposals / [Vote Proposal] Dynamic Fee System
« on: May 25, 2017, 09:23:38 pm »
I've seen a couple posts in the forum history about adjusting fees "up" or "down", depending on the price of bitshares at that time in the past. I would like to offer an alternative approach to fees. Dynamically adjusting fees.

In the past 2 months, the price of Bitshares has gone up over 10 times to the US dollar. Correspondingly, all fees also went up 10 times.

If the stock price of Poloniex went up 10 times, and because of that, Poloniex decided to also raise their trading costs 10 times. I don't imagine their customers would be very excited about that.

Most other digital currencies never solve this problem, purely because they can't. Their systems​ have no idea of outside prices. For example, the current cost of sending Bitcoin is nearly up to $0.50 per transaction.

Bitshares is a far more advanced and efficient network than practically any other, and it is able to track the real time prices of other assets in the currency.

It is possible that we could dynamically adjust the price of fees based on the settlement price an asset, like the bitUSD or bitSILVER. Or another idea could be to adjust fees based on basket of assets combined.

Proposal: Vote on changing to a dynamic fee system.

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