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Stakeholder Proposals / [Witness Proposal] 1.6.129 - zapata42-witness
« on: July 30, 2018, 08:21:09 pm »

dear Bitshares community, I want to propose my services as a Bitshares Witness.

Please vote for zapata42-witness.

Who am I?

I am a developer with 13 years of experience in finance sector, based in Paris (France). I have worked for BNP Paribas Corporate Investment Banking in the equity derivatives business for the past 10 years in projects as varied as price publication, position keeping or request for quotes, and as a developer, technical lead or architect. Java is my main programming language but I have good knowledge of Python, Javascript, and Ruby. See below for my full resume.

I came to know Bitshares about one year ago, and since then I closely followed it as I was impressed by the technology, the balanced economical model and the distributed governance. I started to contribute on my spare time as I could:

Now I want to be more involved in Bitshares, and as I am not a C++ nor a React programmer (yet?), I feel like witness role currently suit me best to help the community. You will found below my current setup, and what I plan to do once voted in.

My current setup:

    Hardware: 3 x VPS 4 cores CPU at 2.4ghz, 24GB RAM, 100GB SSD hard drive, 250Mpbs internet bandwith, Location: France.
    (I consider this a minimum, see below for my target plan)
    I run 2 witness mainnet nodes (account zapata42-witness) and 2 witness testnet node (witness-zapata).
    They are monitored through an improved version of @clockwork's telegram monitoring bot that handle automatic key switch and price feed monitoring.

    The price feed is ready, I already publish @nasdaq assets (see AMAZONCOM) and I use a stabilized version of @xeroc's pricefeed.

    Additionnaly I host some services:
        Mainnet API:  (max-ops-per-account = 100)
        Mainnet Seed:
        Testnet API:
        Wallet:         or (patched version that use my referral link as default)

    Services are served through multiple proxies (currently NGINX) that do rate limiting and SSL termination.
    For SSL certificate is issued by Let's encrypt and renewal is automated.
    Everything run on a private multi datacenter Kubernetes cluster (so fully Dockerized and resilient) and monitored through Prometheus/Grafana.
    The setup is automated and ready to scale, see my plan below.

My plan:

If I get voted as an active witness my focus will be on:
  • Providing a stable block producer
  • Providing a stable, accurate and auditable price feed of most Market Pegged Assets
  • Grow Bitshares infrastructure, community and software ecosystem
This means:
  • Upgrade the infrastructure. With the current witness pay (~30 witness / bts=0.2$ / 1bts per block) I aim to add:
                        6 x Dedicated 4c/8t 3Ghz CPU, 64go RAM, 1To SSD hard drive, 250Mpbs internet bandwith, Locations: france, germany, uk, canada, singapore, australia
  • Continuous improvements of the setup like: geo optimizations for latency (GeoDNS + regional vlan), premium wildcard SSL certificate, premium api acess, ...
  • Additional to classic API nodes, I will install and serve community tools like: Open-Explorer, Python API Backend, Elastic Search database with a data visualization tool like Kibana/Graphana, Bitshares HUG, and any future interesting project of the community;
  • Active participation (code contributions, code/issue/bsip review, testing) to community initiatives (core, ui, tools, documentation) as a developer;
  • Participate to meetups and hackathons to promote Bitshares;
  • Regularly run third party professional penetration testing on the setup;
  • if BTS price allow me to do it, hire other people to help me.

So why voting for zapata42-witness ?
  • Experienced software developer with professional experience in developing and running financial highly critical software;
  • Professional experience in price contribution in a main financial company;
  • Proven will and capacity to contribute on Bitshares related projects;
  • Full setup (witness, pricefeed + api) in place, and wide range of services in target;
  • Active investment in Bitshares ecosystem (infrastructure & time) planned;
  • Knowledgeable in blockchain internals;
  • Relations in French fintech and financial institutions;
  • Fresh blood.

  Telegram: @Zapata_42
  LinkedIn profile

* Edit 20180901: Update seed port.

General Discussion / ETF on Blockchain
« on: February 23, 2018, 11:11:51 am »

I just wanted to share with you that my team won  this Hackathon.

Our idea was to showcase how in two days you can build a tool to create, issue and sell on the market an Exchange Traded Fund.

As you might expect, we used Bitshares "financial platform", in a similar way than Bit20.
This way the solution gives the below benefits over the established situation:
  • A time to market of less than 10 minutes, where it currently takes more than 6 months to banks;
  • More transparency on collateral management and fees;
  • No counterparty risks.
  • A smooth user experience

In those two days we have built:
  • an ETF management server to interact with the blockchain;
  • a Price feed batch to publish the ETF price;
  • a white labeled version of Bitshares Decentralized Exchange UI;
  • an interface to manage ETF compositions

We used ETF products as an example, but variations could be done for many other structured products and mutual funds.

All the public information is here
 (sorry no code, nor video of the presentation)

The demo has been done on the testnet (see ETFDEMO asset).

The proof of win.

Note that as of today this was only a Proof Of Concept for the Hackathon, there is no plan (yet?) to build business on top of Bitshares.
But the idea has been spread to the 100 attendees (including top management), and more to come.

My personnal feeedback, is that even for people working around blockchain topics in finance, Bitshares is not in the radar. There is a HUGE communication efforts to do, especially to IT (top) managers and Business Product Owners. We are sitting on a gold mine, future competition estimates it can brings £1.9bn of savings.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss the topic.

Also we would like to thank you all as our small victory wouldn't have been possible without you, especially @xeroc for the whitepapers and @EstefanTT  for Bit20.

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