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General Discussion / ETF on Blockchain
« on: February 23, 2018, 11:11:51 am »

I just wanted to share with you that my team won  this Hackathon.

Our idea was to showcase how in two days you can build a tool to create, issue and sell on the market an Exchange Traded Fund.

As you might expect, we used Bitshares "financial platform", in a similar way than Bit20.
This way the solution gives the below benefits over the established situation:
  • A time to market of less than 10 minutes, where it currently takes more than 6 months to banks;
  • More transparency on collateral management and fees;
  • No counterparty risks.
  • A smooth user experience

In those two days we have built:
  • an ETF management server to interact with the blockchain;
  • a Price feed batch to publish the ETF price;
  • a white labeled version of Bitshares Decentralized Exchange UI;
  • an interface to manage ETF compositions

We used ETF products as an example, but variations could be done for many other structured products and mutual funds.

All the public information is here
 (sorry no code, nor video of the presentation)

The demo has been done on the testnet (see ETFDEMO asset).

The proof of win.

Note that as of today this was only a Proof Of Concept for the Hackathon, there is no plan (yet?) to build business on top of Bitshares.
But the idea has been spread to the 100 attendees (including top management), and more to come.

My personnal feeedback, is that even for people working around blockchain topics in finance, Bitshares is not in the radar. There is a HUGE communication efforts to do, especially to IT (top) managers and Business Product Owners. We are sitting on a gold mine, future competition estimates it can brings £1.9bn of savings.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss the topic.

Also we would like to thank you all as our small victory wouldn't have been possible without you, especially @xeroc for the whitepapers and @EstefanTT  for Bit20.

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