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I had no intention of releasing my miner for ypool in the begining (the 70% harming the network, etc, etc), but since too many people asked, i am now releasing it. As always, the code is Open sourced and free. As I used jh00 jhProtominer as a base, and the minar and the pool support donation fees, i included a 2.5% developer fee in the code, that will only apply for those mining on If you mine on any other pool, please remember to donate.

Code is available at:

(windows, Linux and OSX available).

EDIT: Windows compile now available. (Not tested, i still don't have my windows machine, cross-compiled on linux using mingw64). Link:

Edit again: The opencl files included in the previous zip file were outdated. please redownload for way better performance.

Edit 3: New optimizations in the sha512 code. Now 10% faster.

Edit 4: Per request, i made a Mac OSX version available.

Edit 5: Further optimized and customized sha512 code. At least 15% faster on NVidia. Binaries for Windows, Linux and OSX available.

Edit 6: Corrected bug in opencl that prevented it to work on AMD GPUs. Now works on every platform. Binaries for Windows, Linux and OSX available.

Hope you enjoy!

I have posted some time ago in the thread about my OpenCL version of ptsminer, and now I think it is mature enough to be "released". So here it goes. You can find it at the following address:

Binaries are available here:

This is even faster than the old version. (it is faster than CUDA miners on amazon ec2). Same options are available. Added the new modes: gpuv7 (default), gpuv8 and gpuv9 (low memory version). gpuv7 is generally faster, but choose the one most apropriate for you.

This is an experimental miner, use at your own risk. Fully open source, no hidden "mining for the author" tricks. So please, donate some PTS if you like it or if it is useful to you. Edit: There is a 1% fee now. (30 seconds every hour or so). You can still remove it in the source code and recompile.

It is preconfigured to mine at pool, but this can be changed with the -o command line switch.

Since this is a modified CPU miner, default is to mine using CPU. To mine using GPU, use the "-a gpu" switch.

Please read installation instructions, and good luck.

Edit: Added the option "-device" where you can choose which devices will be used. Use a comma separated list, with no spaces, like this:

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./ptsminer -u PkyeQNn1yGV5psGeZ4sDu6nz2vWHTujf4h  -a gpu -device 0,3,4

The old way (assigning threads sequentially to each device) still works, so if you want to use the first devices or all of them you can still use "-t" option instead.

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