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Stakeholder Proposals / [witness proposal] delegate-zhaomu
« on: January 01, 2018, 08:59:28 am »
Please vote for delegate-zhaomu

Who am I?

I am zhaomu (Active as [email protected] OpenLedger in telegram group). Bitshares has become my belief since the first moment I know it. Because of this, I constantly contribute to bitshares community.

I started my contribution by translating bitshares-related information collected from bitshares international community and spreading it to bitshares Chinese community.

Gradually, I act as a "Bridge" that connects western and eastern community. When there are worker proposals (Such as bitshares-ui )proposed by western community, I translate and spread it in Chinese community to let all the shareholders know someone is trying to contribute to BTS. The communication is two-way: I also helped the approval of greater China representative worker proposal. (you can see all the worker proposals that I translated and reports that I wrote on Steemit @lzmlam)

As a member of greater China representative, I am in charge of collecting and reporting news of the marketing progress in China. Besides, I also translated BTS's technical documention that needed by exchanges.

In the future, I will keep contributing to establish an ongoing communication channel between east and west.

The maintenance of witnesse node

In order to make the price feed service stable and reliable, I will have a technical partner who has more than one year experience of maintaining BTS's witness node.

Our Server
      We deployed the witness node on ali cloud.2core 8G, and use linode as a backup.

Please vote for us.

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