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General Discussion / Shining Light Crypto Survey
« on: November 30, 2018, 02:17:23 pm »
Looking for a few people to take a crypto survey.

It only takes 5 minutes...

about it..
Doing research takes times and I get the feeling there is a general feeling of confusion about all the various projects in the crypto space. I put together the survey, to see if it is possible to extract meaningful data and publish a consensus of thought about various projects. By increasing transparency, and decreasing Fear Uncertainty and Doubt the cryptospace, particularly around BitShares , I think it can benefit. Basically, I am just looking for some smart crypto people to take a 5 minute survey, then a week later we can publish results and see what people think. There is a numerical theory that when you take ask a large number of people any question, then average their responses, the the group answer can become very close to the truth.  Will it work? Lets find out..
Thanks for the Help,

General Discussion / DEXBot Survey
« on: November 02, 2018, 03:32:01 pm »
As the BitShares DEXbot Team looks to the future we want community input and feedback. While primarily focused on those that have been involved in, or following the DEXbot market making software project, we want open feedback from key participants across the entire BitShares community. Please take our comprehensive survey…

This link we take you to a Google Forms Survey…

On Behalf of the DEXbot Cabinet
Thank you!

Stakeholder Proposals / Android Custom Token Wallet Worker Proposal
« on: July 17, 2018, 05:14:42 am »
From the team behind the DexBot, I would like to introduce the new Android Custom Token Wallet Worker Proposal.

We propose on taking Bitshares strengths of User Friendly Account Names, Three Second Block Times, Easy Coin Creation (UIA’s) and Smart Coins from computers to mobile phones around the world. Our proposal has an extensive, comprehensive strategy to follow that includes marketing, management, programing and a community engagement contest.

We plan to have a $150,000 prize Contest to find the Best Mobile Creative Coin Uses and then developing the best three ideas into a customized mobile BitShares Wallet. A large contest prize will bring publicity, people, ideas, ideas, solutions, and mobile use. These ideas will be developed into a customizable app and we will partner with the winners to implement them.

The contest is not just about giving away money. It the course of entering the contest we want to contestants to effectively complete a business plan showing how they want to implement the creative coin use. These contestants get access to a world class development team while BitShares gets to create a community of creative problem solvers that shows a how BitShares can solve a host of industry problems. We anticipate spreading the money widely, (20+ prizes) as a type of seed capital to develop new uses. The custom wallet capabilities will work with all UIA assets, allowing every coin the unique abilities we are planning to develop. Initially, we expect use cases of frequent shopper points, frequent flier miles, or a University lunch program but as each organization realizes the potential, they will bring their customers to BitShares. These Custom UIA token wallets will open the door to other BitShares uses.

We believe this is a first incremental step towards numerous mobile wallets. We believe BTS will only reach its full potential when it is able to be used by people on the go, and is in reach of people who do not own computers. Our apps will also be able to use BTS native smart coins, in a retail situation and developing world situations.

While Bitshares is primarily seen as an exchange today, it has the potential to be so much more. By investing today, in unique mobile solutions, BitShares reduces the chances of being left behind in the fast changing crypto space.

The official Worker Proposal is posted here. (6 pages)

The Extensive Business Plan (40+ pages)

The Telegram Channel (Main Discussion Communication Channel)

Slide Show Summary (18+ slides)

Thank you for your support of the Android Custom Token Wallet.


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