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Greetings everybody,

My name is Valera, and many of you probably know me from Hack The DEX as white hacker who cares a lot of about BitShares security and stability, also as programmer who developed many different issues in github for BitShares Core C++ project.

I've been involved in BitShares community since about May 2018, not so long time ago. But I'm trying to put all my best efforts to improve BitShares ecosystem as much as possible.
I know to be a committee member requires a lot of time and efforts to make BitShares platform better and better each new day/hour/minute.

Please vote for valera-committee, if you'd like to support my candidacy.

Thank you everyone for your support!

My NEW PROJECT for BitShares Community is DEX Lottery Bot in Telegram:

🎱 If you want to buy lottery tickets you need to send a whole amount of bts (an integer value) to dex-lottery account from your account in the BitShares network:

⚡️You should know that every 1000 blocks comprise one round, which means that all funds received for tickets sold during one round will be transferred to the winner of this round. There will be a new winner each round. The round lasts for 50 minutes.

🎲 You can buy no more than 100 lottery tickets at a time from one account. Yet you can buy several times 100 bts each. Amounts above 100 bts sent to the dex-lottery account will be held for the jackpot of the current round.

🍋 A new winner is determined by the random selection of the BitShares blockchain block validator (witnesses). For example, if a round starts with block number 12345000, the winner will be selected with the signature of the witness with the block number 12346000. So no one knows for sure who will win, because it's impossible to predict who of the witnesses will sign a block at the end of the round. Please take into account that this exemplary round begins at the block 12345000, ends at the block 12345999 (1000 blocks exactly), and the winner will be calculated at the block 12346000.

👌 At the same time, this block number will be the 1st block in the next new round, which will end in block 12346999, and the winner will be selected depending on the witness signature at the block 12347000.

👍 Tickets are sold in sequence. For instance, if Alice makes the 1st transfer of 5 BTS then 1-5 tickets are sold to Alice. Bob makes the 2nd transfer of 2 BTS, and 6-7 tickets are sold to Bob. So that if Alice transfers 3 BTS after that then 8-10 tickets are sold to Alice.

😏 Thus in the example above, only 10 tickets are sold, and Alice will have an 80% chance of winning, while Bob will have only a 20% chance of winning. The more tickets you buy, the more likely you win.

😜 At the end of each round (exactly at each 1000th block), the bot will select the winner by the signature of the witness of this block and make an automatic transfer to the winner, except for the transfer fee. (Russian chat) (English chat)
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  also this is beta version of Telegram Bot for BitShares too 😉 you can use it now guys, all features of BitShares are supported right in this Telegram Bot by text commands as in `cli_wallet`, soon will make cool UI buttons for this bot, so anybody can trade and use any BitShares features right in Telegram :) Good Luck ! If you have any questions - always welcome !

NOTE: Just be careful leaving private keys with telegram.
You can use test accounts if you wish ! just micro-payments for example ! now this Bot is just BETA version just for testing all features of BitShares in Telegram.

Later will be open-source with nice UI buttons :) So people can self-deploy this bot for their own purposes.

But for those who won't can self deploy this bot, can use anytime already deployed bot, about private keys I want to make each telegram account to be tied to BitShares account, so people will just need to have access to their telegram account then they can have access to their BitShares account in Telegram bots: exchange bot, trade bot, lottery bot, etc ...

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