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BitShares Core Team Worker Proposal

Graphene Lab is glad to introduce you the new Core Team Worker Proposal.


Current core team of developers has a monopoly. We believe that lack of healthy competition always leads to the lack of growth and decreasing quality of work. Also, the high price of the current worker proposal doesn’t meet the expectations of the majority of the community.


We invite the BitShares’ community to vote for a new team of developers. We guarantee very low rates and 100% immersion in work. In addition, we are ready to actively cooperate with the various representatives of the community in order to make really needed and popular improvements.

Our team

Denis Bredikhin

Has a degree in marketing, more than 6 years in strategic consulting and about 4 in project management.

Igor Romanov

CTO / Core developer. Blockchain development, development of highly loaded systems, development of mobile applications, audit. Over 15 years of experience.
Languages: C / C++, C #, ASM, JAVA, OBJECTIVE C.

Olga Pachenkova

Blockchain development, development of highly loaded systems, the main direction is data protection. Over 15 years of experience.
Languages: C / C++, ASM, JAVA.

Ruslan Salikhov

Blockchain development, development of trading bots, development of telegram bots. Over 7 years of experience.
Languages: C++ / Qt, Python, NodeJS.

Dmitriy Kasatkin

Experienced tester. Functional testing, system testing, performance testing, regression testing, usability testing, etc, Over 4 years of experience.

The team also includes another QA-engineer and one community manager.


The table below indicates the expenses of the team for one year:

We invite you to read the full proposal here:

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Best Regards,
Graphene Lab

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