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BitShares PTS / AMD OpenCL Momentum miner
« on: January 26, 2014, 08:41:40 pm »
This is a OpenCL Momentum miner for AMD GPUs. The performance is 6700+ c/m on a R9 [email protected], so that this seems to be the fastest released miner. Binaries are available for Windows and Linux.

NEW: First version of JSON-RPC Bitcredit solo miner:

DOWNLOAD v2.1: This version has multi-pool support and pool-fallback, i.e. it connects to the next pool in a user specified list, if there is no connection to the current pool. Every 10 minutes it is checked whether a pool with higher priority is online again. Download and unpack the miner into a folder. Depending on the version of your installed Catalyst driver, copy the gpuhash_* files in the suitable subfolder into the binaries folder.  I recommend Catalyst 14.9 or newer for clpts, but Catalyst 14.12 seems to be slower than Catalyst 14.9. Catalyst 14.6 and 14.7 should work with the binaries for Catalyst 14.9.

UPDATE 18: Version v2.1 of the miner is released and here is list of some changes:
  • v2.1 fixes a bug in the stratum implementation, which produces invalid shares, if the current block includes any transactions. Furthermore,  the README is updated and some other minor bugs are fixed.
  • optimized algorithms. Algorithm 0 and 1 need ~1.3GB of GPU-RAM per thread and algorithms 2-7 only ~900 MB. Algorithm 6/7 is included for legacy and it is the same algorithm as 3/4 of clpts v1.3. Odd numbered algorithms are faster in cases, where only one thread per GPU is used.
  • added stratum support and new pools. The developer fee for is 2.5% and for all other pools 2.0%.
  • added pool shares statistics, which show the accepted share value on connection basis.
  • minor bugfixes

known issues: The miner does not run if the installed Catalyst driver is too old or the wrong binaries are used. Some configurations crash during startup and the issue depends on the thread counts. The 32-bit Windows executable does not show this behaviour and works on 64-bit Windows. Otherwise, you might run several instances of the miner. The miner is not optimized to run on 5000 and 6000 series GPUs and needs at least ~900 MB free GPU memory per thread.

NOTE 1: When you post errors I appreciate some information about the operating system (Windows or Linux / 32bit or 64bit is sufficient) and the used Catalyst driver. Furthermore you should suppress the section between the stars of the output of the miner excluding the miner version (at the moment it hasn't any relevance but it will become important in the future). The Linux version is much faster than the Windows version on R9 290(X), which seems to be a driver issue.

NOTE 2: Please make sure that you are not using an outdated Catalyst version and read the README.

I would be grateful for donations to speed up the development of a version for Nvidia GPUs:
  PTS:  68fBfJLqpqV3WR5GqmXWMgMHpJ9foPuGdU
  BTC:  1AumJ5uzz1nuER7pBA6Bh4gNusaxhN85rc

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