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Technical Support / Found protoshares wallet from 2014
« on: July 26, 2019, 07:01:27 pm »
Hi all, trying to figure out a way to get my protoshares into Bitshares from an old protoshares wallet.dat file. I have read a few posts on here but most of them the links they use are dead now. I have read the sticky post at the top but there's no way I can afford $500 for help to recover this. I only have like 3000 PTS in the wallet which is only like $100. Here is the post I was following

If, however, you only have a wallet.dat file, you will need to
1. install BitShares 0.9.3
2. create an account in the BitShares 0.9.3 wallet
3. import the wallet.dat file into your account (Import your Bitcoin wallet.dat)

4. Then Export your keys:
     Export via the console
navigate to the console: Account List -> Advanced Settings -> Console
type: wallet_export_keys [full path to the file]/[file name].json e.g. on Windows: wallet_export_keys C:\Users\[your user name]\Desktop\keys.json e.g. on Mac: wallet_export_keys /Users/[your user name]/Desktop/keys.json e.g. on Linux: wallet_export_keys /home/[your user name]/Desktop/keys.json
Please replace [your user name] with your Windows account name.
and hit Enter

5. Now Proceed to Bitshares 2.0. Create a wallet account model.

6. Go to settings and Restore/Import:

7. Go to Wallet and Click Lookup Balance:

8. Create Backup (Make sure you add .BIN when saving the file):
     See the difference:

9.  You may need to make a new account or change your wallet profile, but the next step is to go to restore/import and import the BIN file.

10 Repeat Step 7. you should be able to see your keys. Then Claim it.

11. Donate to luther-10 if you find this helpful. If you want me to make a video, someone should lend  me their unclaim private keys and i will make it into video to help everyone.

Hope this help. Good Luck!

I have finished step 4..however on step 5, it says to create a account on the bitshares 2.0... I downloaded it but when I am going to create an account, I keep getting this error " failed to create an account, faucet cannot create the account you are trying to obtain. Anyone have some links or tutorials that are still good?

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