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General Discussion / wallet.dat file from protoshares qt Help
« on: January 18, 2015, 03:02:07 pm »
Hi, my brother purchased a modest amount of protoshares way back on their initial release.
He hasnt been involved since but has his wallet.dat file from the original protshares client.

He had his PTS in his wallet before the initial snapshot where they have remained since however the old client has been replaced with the name changes and DPOS fork etc.

Please help me advise him.

how should he best claim:
1. His BTSX or BTS
2. His PTS or New PTS
3. Play or other Dacs

Thank-you for you help.

General Discussion / Can BTSX user 'doc' please contact me urgently
« on: September 06, 2014, 02:51:29 pm »
Hi I am trying to get in touch with whoever registered BTSX user name 'doc'

This is in regard to a case of mistaken ID and BTSX transfer.

'Doc' please contact me.


What is it with using a mess of a website as the main point of referral when a wonderfully designed clean cut template in already exists.

Everything with is better, the design to the marketing language; however it's not to be found via a google search but rather through direction from a vague forum post.

My advice, swap them around!

Check out this thread from bitcointalk where bitshares is being discussed . A lot of positive feedback on the technology but a general feeling that the website is destroying us.

Thoughts? Where is the marketing budget going?

BitShares PTS / Protoshares marketing "WTF is a DAC?"
« on: December 28, 2013, 02:54:38 pm »
As an avid Protoshares supporter I'm of the belief that in order to attract people to the brand we need to keep things as simple as possible.
Since the release of PTS anyone with a little knowledge of cryptocurrencies could find PTS on coinmarketcap and infer from that, that PTS was another cryptocurrency.

However from there things get unnecessarily complicated.
Those with enough understanding will know that PTS offer much much more than just another altcoin.. those with enough understanding will likely have put time and effort into the forum and developed an understanding that evolved..
The point is... we should be the minority if PTS is to be a success!

Lets look at the current situation.. Aside from PTS and BTS now theres:
-angel shares
-memory coin

Things are far from easy to understand... especially for the regular punter who's heard of Bitcoin and looking for the next big thing..

Have a look at an inferior competitor in Globalcoin.. have a look at their website.. their explanations.

Compare this to our website explanations..

Ask yourself 2 questions:
What is Protoshares?
What is Globalcoin?

Which is easier to understand!

Warren Buffet's first rule of investing needs to be considered here
‘Never invest in a business you cannot understand.’

How can we expect anyone without a technical background to invest in DACS as things stand?!
Lets not let the competitive advantage we have get lost in inferior marketing.

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