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MemoryCoin / Re: New YAM version release
« on: July 05, 2014, 02:35:30 pm »
i hav core i7 3930k with asus  rampage exterme iv with 16gb ram and download yam-yvg1900-M7v-win64-sandy-bridge (win 7)

configure my file

batchfile y.bat
yam.exe --config yam-mmc.cfg



threads = 8
mining-params = mmc:av=1&aesni=on&m=4096
mine = getwork://
mine = getwork://
#proxy = socks4a://
compact-stats = 1
print-timestamps = 0

but when run y.bat  crashing and show this error  yam has stopped working

what do am i fix it

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