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We’ve successfully integrated our stake-weighted voting software with the BitShares blockchain. Check out our official blog post with a demo video included:

Follow My Vote / Follow My Vote Press Release!
« on: January 26, 2016, 06:25:06 pm »
Follow My Vote, Inc.
Blacksburg, VA
January 26, 2016


Blacksburg, VA — WebRoots Democracy, in partnership with Follow My Vote and other industry leading experts, has released a report entitled "Secure Voting: A guide to secure #onlinevoting in elections." The purpose of the report, which was written by global experts and authoritative academics, is to explore and document the possible security models for online voting software. “We think the use of blockchain technology could be the security breakthrough that makes online voting viable.” states Nathan Hourt, Co-Founder and CTO at Follow My Vote.

With the information provided in the report, governments around the world can now make informed decisions on how to move forward with modernizing their election processes. The Secure Voting report was preceded by the WebRoots Democracy report, Viral Voting.

The following companies and people contributed to the WebRoots Democracy Secure Voting report: Follow My Vote, Verizon, Dr. Kevin Curran, Professor Robert Krimmer, Scytl, Smartmatic, Everyone Counts, Electoral Reform Services, and Mi-Voice.

"We are humbled by the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in designing secure, open- source, end-to-end verifiable online voting software on a global level," states Adam Kaleb Ernest, Co-Founder and CEO at Follow My Vote.

See the official Follow My Vote website for more information on the Secure Voting report:
Contact Follow My Vote:
2020 Kraft Drive
Suite 3050
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Please let me know if you can help with dissemination of the press release!  The button on our homepage leads here:

Follow My Vote / Re: San Francisco Voting
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:09:30 pm »
Thanks for the link! We are actually working directly with many of the influencers who are pushing for open source voting in CA. We are also part of the California Association of Voting Officials where several of these influencers hold positions. As it stands CA might not be ready for online voting just yet but they are extremely interested in open source systems.

Follow My Vote / Re: Web Summit Update
« on: November 12, 2015, 08:46:07 pm »
Topcandle: We saw. Nathan was not impressed haha :D BUT the competition is heating up and we are seeing blockchain voting apps and companies springing up all over the place. Time will tell if any of them are legitimate and can put together real blockchain dev teams. The race has begun!

Follow My Vote / Follow My Vote Featured On IVN!
« on: November 12, 2015, 08:41:02 pm »
We have been featured on the Independent Voter Network for a second time! It is a fantastic article. The author is actually quite knowledgeable about the blockchain and different cryptographic protocols and systems. We encourage you to check it out and leave encouraging comments!

Follow My Vote / Web Summit Update
« on: November 05, 2015, 06:23:07 pm »
We would like to update the BitShares community on our success in Dublin at Web Summit.
Check out our BIG Announcement:

Also we have an animated video that we would love help sharing:
We have a thunder clap to share the video here:

See our social media for all sorts of pictures and documentation. Including pictures with President of Liberland, Vít Jedlička and the guys from Cryptonomex.

-Slick Willy

Follow My Vote / FMV will be going to WEB SUMMIT 2015! !
« on: October 22, 2015, 03:53:59 pm »
Big news everybody! Follow My Vote has gotten accepted to the Alpha Program at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin Ireland! We just released our official blog post on our acceptance! Please check it out and get excited for all our new marketing goodies that will go along with our attendance. This will be a great chance to not only expose people to Follow My Vote but BitShares as well!


Follow My Vote / FMV Update and blog posts
« on: September 23, 2015, 02:44:41 pm »
Hey everyone,

Here is one of our newest blog posts. It covers our attendance at the Brennan Center of justice event : America’s Voting Technology Crisis: Preparing for 2016 and Beyond. Its a pretty good update and look into what we are dealing with, as far as legitimate elections in the US.

And here is blog posts about the initial report on voting machines in the US. :

I posted the one about the event on reddit and voat. They have yet to get a lot of love, so help us out! #UPVOTE PLEASE.

Slick Willy

General Discussion / Internet Marketing Update 8/17-8/23
« on: August 25, 2015, 07:27:49 pm »
Stats for this past week 8/17-8/23

Here is the link for the google doc which contains all the usual info.

Affiliate Program: 5
www.minebitshares-com: 3
www-paycoin-ws: 1
fav-marketing: 1

Subreddit Stats (/r/BitShares) :

BitShares Forum Stats :

I will also note that the time has come for Cryptonomex to take over the official BitShares social media properties. It has been a pleasure scheduling content and helping the online presence of BitShares grow. I hope I added sufficient value in the eyes of the community. I will still be on the forum regularly posting on behalf of Follow My Vote.

I have passed on the reporting docs and methods we used to Cryptonomex, so you should see the continuation of reporting stats on the forum.

Slick Willy

Follow My Vote / Please Upvote!
« on: August 20, 2015, 03:56:05 pm »
Hey guys, I just posted a few of our blog posts on reddit. Upvotes would be greatly appreciated! Also please comment on our blogs and let us know what you like and want to see more of.

Slick Willy

General Discussion / Internet Marketing Update (8/10-8/16)
« on: August 18, 2015, 02:08:06 pm »
Stats for this past week (8/10-8/16)

Here is the link for the google doc which contains all the usual info.

Affiliate Program: 3
www.minebitshares-com: 2
Beyondbitcoin: 1

Subreddit Stats (/r/BitShares) :

BitShares Forum Stats :


General Discussion / Re: Internet Marketing Update 7/20-7/26
« on: August 10, 2015, 09:06:30 pm »
You compare BitShares to 2005-ish marketing. What would be some current examples of more modern marketing in your opinion? websites, brands, campaigns etc.

General Discussion / Internet Marketing Update 8/3-8/9
« on: August 10, 2015, 08:58:44 pm »
Stats for this past week (8/3-8/9)

Here is the link for the google doc which contains all the usual info.

Affiliate Program
www.minebitshares-com :  5

Subreddit Stats (/r/BitShares) :

BitShares Forum Stats :


General Discussion / Internet Marketing Update 7/27-8/2
« on: August 03, 2015, 10:41:58 pm »
Here are last weeks results. (7/27-8/2)


Total Fans:  7702
Engaged Users:  190
Total Reach:  2445
Average Daily Likes:  11
Average Daily Comments:  0
Average Daily Shares:  5
Average Daily Reach (Organic):  316
Average Daily Reach (Paid):  0
Fan Base Growth: -0.06%


Followers: 4,836
Impressions: 4800
Engagement Rate: 2.5%
Link Clicks: 64
Retweets:  18
Favorites: 6
Replies:  0
Fan Base Growth:  0.1%


Total Fans: 182
Views:  46
Actions on Posts:  3
New Followers:  1


Subscribers: 275
Views:  36
Minutes Watched:  85
Likes:  4
Top Video:  "What Are BitShares?"


Unique Visitors: 1,869
Top Landing Page:
Client Downloads : 117

Affiliate Program

Faucet Referrals: 0

Subreddit Stats (/r/BitShares) :

BitShares Forum Stats :

I will post a link to the Google sheet soon.


General Discussion / Re: Internet Marketing Update 7/20-7/26
« on: August 03, 2015, 10:13:31 pm »
Thanks for the feedback guys. I will see about posting the google doc I use somewhere on the forum.

-Slick Willy

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