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Cool thanks! I'll put in the "parking lot" until such time so as not to confuse myself :).

Interesting... as my wallet for DNS was very simple and consisted of only three Keys, it can glean some information here. I had a genesis transaction from PTS, and two transactions/deposits to KeyID, and that is it.

If I run wallet_check_sharedrop in the BTS console I see a mixture of PTS and KEY addresses. What is interesting is that for each Key/Owner that was a result of deposit_op_type in the exported JSON from KeyID I see two entries of varying amounts in the BTS console. I'm going to assume each time there is an incremental vestment there would be another entry. I thus surmise there are two resulting vestment payouts thus far. I assume my genesis KeyID amounts were ledgered via a PTS address and not KeyID as I have entirely too many PTS addresses to do this analysis on.

One thing I was not able to do was correlate the amounts in bts console and the amounts I held in KeyID. I expect there is some magic ratio that determines "original_balance" that I'm not totally sure I understand. What I think I do understand is that those amounts would be divided by 100k to get the amount of resulting BTS.

Anyone else have any smart "figurin" they have done?

bitmeat, I read your other thread as well amidst my googling around about dns/pts/ags, etc. I was about to reply there but I'll reply here:

I ran wallet_collect_vested_balances and indeed was surprised to actually see a deposit from myself :P.

At least in my case it shows up as SHAREDROP. Now, the question is do I need to periodically run this over the course of the vesting period? I assume the amount I got today was only what was applicable as of this point in time? I know there is more feature set coming around this in the new versions and maybe this will be made redundant, but in theory we'd run this from time to time until we were fully vested right?

Okay I seem to have had a bit more luck with 0.5.1 with regards to PTS and DNS.

Code: [Select]
>> wallet_import_keys_from_json c:\a.json xxxxxx xxxxx


Code: [Select]
>> wallet_import_bitcoin C:\b.dat xxxxxx xxxxx

Okay all seems well in 0.5.1 now where this didn't work on 0.4.x.

Next question, how do I validate the import / keys? Is there a way to check the hypothetical worth once actually unlocked? I know nothing is unlocked yet, I just don't want to have to think about this anymore in the future :). I can finally bury the keyid corpse mentally if I can validate the keys.

General Discussion / Anyone successfully import KeyID/DNS to Bitshares?
« on: January 06, 2015, 03:34:44 am »
I believe I properly imported my PTS .dat file from 11/5 to my BTS wallet using wallet_import_bitcoin. What I'm not clear on is KeyID / DNS. I tried importing via File menu from the KeyID JSON backup but either there is something funny with my json as it bombs or it is only expecting a BTS JSON.

Anyone else find a howto on importing KeyID to Bitshares?

General Discussion / Re: How to import DNS wallet?
« on: November 13, 2014, 04:08:56 pm »
i have to say its pretty hard to keep up with everything here. forums get moved, deleted, coins merged etc. etc.

it would be nice to have a blog that explains every move made. or is there one and i dont see it? ;)

After tons of crawling I stumbled on this, which is the best thing I have found yet.

General Discussion / Re: How to import DNS wallet?
« on: November 12, 2014, 05:48:48 pm »
For that matter is Vote based off of PTS? Has anyone put together a quick and dirty on how to transition assets in to the unified BTS client? I'm on 0.4.24 and have a KeyID wallet, PTS wallet, and so on. Essentially I'm trying to determine if and when we should integrate our old stuff (including vote?) and what wallets to bring in. I'm going to assume by 0.4.25 we should be able to import PTS and KeyID wallets as of 11/5, is that correct? I assume that would roll up Vote, DNS, and whatever else since BTSX just went BTS. I assume the 2 year vesting thing is programmatic as long as you brought your wallet in (as opposed to waiting to import 2 years from now). I apologize for the elementary understanding but I'm trying to wrap my head around all the change here.

Looks like BTS Play is using some PTS and BTS snapshots but music is just starting with crowd funding... I think I got that right. I like the Bitshares eco system so trying to keep up!

KeyID / Re: Post 11/5 bagholders on exchange SOL?
« on: November 11, 2014, 03:03:56 am »
Thanks Riverhead. A ray of hope then. I know the dangers of the games I play in the crypto wild west so I won't cry foul, just searching for that last ditch hope. I was able to get my balance back, but I guess I'll sit on my hands and wait to see what happens :).

KeyID / Post 11/5 bagholders on exchange SOL?
« on: November 11, 2014, 02:40:18 am »
I had the overwhelming majority of my DNS on the Poloniex exchange during the BTS merger talks and was out of touch for a month or so.

I don't believe Poloniex froze the market or gave announcements (or I missed them), so I happily went about withdrawing my DNS today to my good ole 0.0.2 wallet.

Hmm, no network... odd, let me upgrade my wallet. Went to 0.0.5. Still not connected. Google time... oh hey the network is dead, awesome.

Any chance or knowledge if Polo will do a snapshot honor the way other exchanges did in the past for BTSX for bag holders on the exchange for PTS and the like?

I get the onus is on me with any crypto to not leave it on an exchange, but some of us don't comb the news 24/7. I'd understand if I had let it languish there for a year or two, but ouch on that action. Bummer, I was a big supporter of DNS. I'm fine with the whole BTS merger but feeling a little frustrated with nothing to show for my DNS support.

If I am wrong in how I am interpreting my situation please do correct me, but I currently withdrew my lump sum from the exchange in to nothingness today, or so I believe.


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