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ich hoffe ich stelle diese Frage hier nicht zum 100. Mal:

Wenn ich Bitshares in bitUSD tausche oder in open.DASH.
Woran sehe ich wer hinter diesen Anteilen steckt.
Und wie tausche ich diese um? Also wie tausche ich bitUSD in USD und (noch wichtiger) wie tausche ich open.DASH in echte DASH?

Kann jeder assets bei Bitshares einstellen? bei den Assets stehe ja immer irgendwelche "Herausgeber". Ich sehe diverse Assets mit Null Handelsvolumen.

Wie entscheide ich denn welche Wertpapieree glaubwürdig sind?

Also ich bin da ein totaler Neuling und so richtig eindeutig und einfach erklärt finde ich es nicht.

Gruß und danke schonmal

Technical Support / Bitshares-PTS block explorer?
« on: January 20, 2018, 08:55:17 pm »
Hi there,

i want to do some research on certain Bitshares-PTS public keys.
Is there a block explorer for the old chain?


Technical Support / Re: Claim Bitshares-PTS from private keys
« on: January 20, 2018, 02:37:27 pm »
okay i'm this far:

i have: Bitshares-PTS 1.0.0 private keys (non WIF)
i need: BTS (online)
-install Bitshares-PTS 1.0.0
- console:
importprivkey YOURKEY
- backup your wallet.dat

-install Bitshares 0.9.3c
- import wallet.dat
if you set a local password1 REMEMBER IT
- export json using console:
wallet_export_keys filename.json

- install actual bitshares client
- instead of logging in create a LOCAL WALLET
- you also need to create a LOCAL ACCOUNT for the wallet!
- go to settings - backup/restore
- import json 0.9.3c file
- chose file
- unlock json file (password2)
it will tell you something like
Found 2 private keys (reset)
where 1 private key may be the local wallet may key from the 0.9.3c wallet wich may be useless.
on the very bottom it will tell you how many BTS are the keys worth. If there is a number it is a good sign...

- click "import keys", you will need to unlock local wallet (password3)

in my case i now imported the private keys into the newest clients local wallet.

if i do again it tells me "This wallet has already been imported" so something have been done right :-)

not you need to go Settings => local wallet => LOOKUP BALANCES.
If you get an error here make sure you are logged in to the LOCAL WALLET and there is a ACCOUNT NAME at the upper right window corner.

the rest goes as stated in the official howto. feeling was like developers did their BEST to REFRAIN people from claiming their property! It took me a week and was really pain in the *ss!

Technical Support / Re: How to backup and restore Protoshares-qt wallet?
« on: January 20, 2018, 08:52:38 am »
hi there,

i dumped the private keys as describes here (long time ago)
now i cannot convert the key to WIF Format to import into bitshares client - i guess the conversion is somehow different from bitcoin?
 any idea?

Technical Support / [done] Claim Bitshares-PTS from private keys
« on: January 20, 2018, 07:29:51 am »
Hi there,

in 2014/2015 i dumped the private-keys of my Bitshares-PTS 1.0.0 wallet (or maybe it was protoshares) while deleting the wallet.dat itself.

Now i'd like to know
- if i own Bitshares or Protoshares
- if there is an block explorer wich can browse the history for my adresses?
- whats its worth (1 Bitshares-PTS = ?? Bitshares) its about
25PTS => conversal: around 3000BTS
- how i can convert/import them into the current client.

there are some howtos but the refer to WIF private keys etc.
Plus, if the old blockchain is offline, can i even import the private key into the old client? i dont think so....

Some are refering to WIF wallet import format but how do i create this file using my private keys?

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