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For the record, if anyone attempts to delete this thread, I'll put a copy on Steem.

Wait and see.  :)

It's incredibly ironic, but I think you don't fully grasp the genius of Dan's work. If you did, you wouldn't lower yourself to deal with people with that kind of sketchy background because what Dan has developed is simply brilliant and *will* speak for itself eventually. By endorsing that kind of folks, it's your own son's reputation you are tarnishing.

Seriously, did you see that new project of Mark Lyford and Michael Taggart: ?. This page is the epitome of bad taste cheap raucuous sales pitch drivel they didn't even bother to run through a spellchecker. This page is an embarassement to Steem in itself, it's the most recklessly parasitic "business" I have seen appearing around Steem, guaranteed to make Steem appear like a cheap get-rich-quick sc(heme/am) to anyone finding about it that way.

Thinking that this is the creation of a Cryptonomex founder highly recommended by Cryptonomex CEO is simply nauseating. If you really support that nonsense, why don't you just, you know, go that direction all the way and start installing spyware and adware in binaries, and put porn, online dating and casino adds everywhere? Because that's exactly the kind of crap I would expect to find in Steemit and Cryptonomex after reading that Steemcash trash pitch, and not the technical chef-d'oeuvre that Graphene, BitShares and Steem actually are.

Seriously Stan, if you have any sort of self-esteem and respect for Dan's work, take some distance from Michael Taggart and Mark Lyford, at least as far as public dealings around Steem and BitShares are concerned (who your friends are in private is none of our business). Your son is a freaking genius, YOU JUST DON'T NEED these cheap snake oil salesmen. They are the ones who need you, and that's why they spend most of their effort trying to appear friendly, smart and helpful to you.

I already answered that question, and I am sure she would be happy to get on the forum to respond that she created the account. 

You see, I have employees that do those things because I am busy.  I never checked, and today was the first I heard of it.  It happens.

I addressed it with her, and with Ian, and now with you.

Now that is clear.

You are evading the question. Your answer earlier was about your claim of being a Bitshares founder. I'm talking about the claim of being a Banx founder, which paints a very clear picture of your level of involvement in Banx.

@Murderistic: in this thread you say

1. I was never a part of BANX.  EVER

But on the screenshot of your profile posted by @IanDeMartino, we can read in the "experience" section at the bottom of the screenshot


In my book that's a contradiction.
Do you have an explanation (other than blaming that on your employee)?

TaleRecursion, send your OPEN.STEEM to account 'steemit' on BitShares and include your STEEM account name in the memo and I will transfer the STEEM to you. 

My understanding was that OL / Blocktrades would process withdraw requests manually for any that did come up.  I was very surprised to learn that Dan would be on vacation at this time.

OpenLedger has 6302 STEEM on deposit.

Anyone looking to unwind their order on OPEN.STEEM / OPEN.BTC can send me your OPEN.STEEM from the account they executed the trade(s) on.  I can unwind any trades executed by steemit which totals 1.67 OPEN.BTC worth of trades.  These trades were executed with the desire to help people get into STEEM and help bootstrap the market / price discovery.
Thanks BM, I sent you back the OPEN.STEEM. It's the 987.877 OPEN.STEEM tx. Target Steem account is "recursive".

OpenLedger's STEEM gateway is now working.  The web wallet will be updated soon to re-enable the "withdraw" button, but for now you can do transfers manually: If your steem account name is "my-steem-acct", you can send some OPEN.STEEM to openledger-wallet with the memo "steem:my-steem-acct" and the STEEM should arrive in a few seconds.  You will need to have an existing steem account, right now I don't think there is any practical way of getting an account other than mining.
If you haven't done these transfers by hand before, it wouldn't hurt to send a small test amount first to make sure the memo is correct before sending large amounts.
Sent some STEEM to openledger-wallet with memo set to steem:myaccount.
It's been 5mn+ and I still haven't received anything on Steem side.

I placed a buy order for OPEN.STEEM after making sure that the withdrawal option was avaible.
Now that my order has been filled and I want to withdraw to the Steem network to transfer the balance to vesting, the withdrawal option is gone and the book is empty. Please revert asap: vesting ratio keeps moving up, and I'm losing money.

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