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Currently, there are approximately 4 million total BOINC users, and 424.5k active BOINC users.

Whilst it's unlikely that all 424.5k active BOINC users will join the tipping BOINC project (required to match cpid:addresses), there exists the massive potential to exceed the total participation of the Auroracoin airdrop (43054) without involving showing proof of identity nor involving user's cryptocurrency private keys.

This could prove to be a great method of regularly distributing new crypto-assets & recruiting new users to your cryptocurrency platform of choice.


General Discussion / Re: Buying contract services from BlockTrades
« on: August 01, 2016, 06:39:24 pm »
What software development services does blocktrades supply? Are you accepting applications for new cryptocurrencies to be added to your bridge/gateway service?
We can supply almost any kind of software development service related to cryptocurrency, from blockchain development to web development. We can also add new cryptocurrencies to our bridge/gateway service for a fee that depends on the complexity involved. However, we are currently fully engaged with existing contracts, so we're not accepting new work right at this moment.

Has your workload lightened since last asked about adding new cryptocurrencies to the blocktrades/openledger bridge/gateway?

We have an existing email chain between myself, Ronny and yourself regarding integrating Gridcoin into Openledger; I'd appreciate some time from your busy schedule.

If you're still very busy, I'd appreciate being scheduled into your timetable further down the road (whenever suits you best).

I'm very enthusiastic regarding the future of Bitshares and its related projects, and have been actively marketing Gridcoin's future integration into Bitshares:

I mentioned this future bridge/gateway support in the first Gridcoin hangout recently:

Best regards,

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