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Yup, tried Chrome, Safari, Firefox, no incognito mode, doesn't seem to matter which.

Maybe something to do with US West Coast internet? Comcast, likely dynamic IP -- though even when I connect via static IP VPN, still happens.

I tried downloading the bitshares GUI from Github, still happens. Guess the next thing to try is to run my own node? How easy is that to do without CLI familiarity?

No one else experiences this issue?

This has been happening to me for months, on both as well as bitshares dex

I try multiple nodes, sometimes I get lucky and connect for a few seconds, but it always kicks me back out to the "Failed to sync to the API server / verify that your computer clock is correct" error screen right away.

My clock and internet connection are solid, no other issues doing anything else. At this point feel as if my BTS are completely trapped, as I have no way to reliably access my wallet.

Am I the only one?

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