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OL has decided to support mobile worker from btspp, it looks very mature and close to delivery.

We saw your accurate and pro work, we voted to your worker proposals openledger_mobile_apps_ph1 and openledger_mobile_apps_ph2.

ioBanker team.

Thanks a lot, Ammar, appreciate your support!

OpenLedger has also recently submitted a bill for developers of mobile app. I think we should have a good communication to find out what is necessary and what is not necessary, so as to avoid repetitive work and pay too much money.

Of course, we also seriously compared the openledger app. I believe that we have certain advantages in terms of time cost and product quality. However, we will continue to communicate with the other side, hoping to achieve a cooperative approach.

Hello, would be happy to discuss way to collaborate. We can talk here, also you can reach me at @charyury in Telegram.

Compared to the BTS price we have enough worker at the moment.

What is the difference from the OL solution?

IMO these two proposals are pretty independent and even may complement each other.
OpenLedger provides ready-to-use open-source mobile apps for Bitshares in the shortest terms, based on the current OL apps. Fabian offers to implement a software development kit (SDK) that simplifies creation of new custom mobile application that uses Bitshares.
It's like you may either buy a house, repaint it quickly and live in it, or you can buy building blocks and build your own custom house.

Voting for the workers started: openledger_mobile_apps_ph1 and openledger_mobile_apps_ph2!
See for more details.

Stakeholder Proposals / Re: [Worker Proposal] - ID: 1.14.126
« on: November 19, 2018, 03:26:24 pm »
Hi Milos,

I see the site is up and running, great job! We talked about possibility to market it ( Is it the right time to move forward with the discussion?

This looks like a good functionality to have, I see many use cases. Although we are not a CEX and can't fully benefit from this management capability, it may be used to build a gateway from Bitshares to external chains. And we saw many cases when a user needs to vest some balance on Bitshares. Definitely has value!

I think a cooperation between OpenLedger and BlockchainProjects makes a lot of sense. There is plenty of business we could mutually benefit from. As for this worker proposal, I believe it makes only little sense put two entities behind it. Mostly because both architectures have been independently developed and thus surely are vastly different from each other.
Either way, looking forward to see more details from OL.

Here is what we offer, Fabian:

Looking forward to your comments!
IMO, both proposals have value and do not conflict, what do you think?

Dear Bitshares Community!

Recently OpenLedger has introduced OpenLedger mobile wallet: (,

We believe that Bitshares needs its own generic opensource mobile application and we offer to share our solution with the community, and develop it further to deliver a mobile app for iOS and Android containing a rich set of features.

Short overview:
 1. React Native based cross-platform application.
 2. iOS and Android platforms supported.
 3. Support both login models: Wallet and Account.
 4. English, Chinese and Russian languages support.

Phase 1 (Duration: 6 weeks, cost: 50 000 bitUSD)
A fully operational mobile apps with multi-language support (English, Chinese, and Russian versions are available out-of-the-box). It will have the following functionality:

→ Sign-in Process:
  • Two user login models: Wallet and Account;
  • PIN or fingerprint authentication;
  • Easy synchronization with an existing BitShares account by scanning a QR code.

→ User Account Screen:
  • User’s assets list;
  • Balance per asset;
  • Total account value in the base currency (can be changed in the Settings);
  • Assets search;
  • Show/Hide assets with zero balance.

→ Available Operations:
  • Send;
  • Deposit;
  • Withdraw.

→ Open Orders;

→ History of transactions;

→ Settings to tailor the app according to users’ preferences and ensure a great user experience.

Phase 2 (5 months)
New features will be added:

  • Trade/exchange;
  • Multiple account support;
  • Favorites (accounts and assets);
  • Order placement;
  • Open Orders filtering;
  • Market;
  • Collateral settlement (margin position, settle asset, margin ranking);
  • Dynamic auto-complete search;
  • Push Notifications.

Why Vote for OpenLedger?
  • A proven track record of developing blockchain solutions, including BitShares-based products;
  • A fully operational open-source mobile app for iOS and Android with a free and open source code in just 6 weeks;
  • All features described in the OpenLedger’s Worker Proposal will be available in 6 months;
  • There’s our own BitShares-powered mobile app in place. It is already approved by iTunes and  Google Play. The proposed app will have the same functionality after Phase 1.

Vote for us today: openledger_mobile_apps_ph1 and openledger_mobile_apps_ph2 worker proposals!

Here you can find detailed proposal outlining the scope, costs and timelines:

Please feel free to ask your questions and provide comments, your opinion is very important!

Interesting, but not an easy thing to comprehend... I agree vesting would be a good feature to have on Bitshares, but not sure about that management feature... If I am a manager of your vesting balance, then I'm actually able to get the balance, correct? What is the value to have this vesting balance management ability? Sorry, this may be described in the BSIP, but too many information, not easy to get the key point)


The worker would need to cover the listing fee and then some allowance for people on the Bitshares side assisting technically with the integration - I think DL is much clearer on the quantum of effort involved in that side of things (and who can do it) than me.

Although I'm not a big optimist regarding listing of bit assets on CEXes at the moment, I would like to claim that OpenLedger would be happy to provide technical integration of any of bit assets or BTS itself with a CEX software. We can provide an estimate for specific case.


1. BitUSD holders won't be "being force settled" or "end up with bunch of BTS".
Accepted, my understanding of the mechanism was incorrect. Sorry for that.

2. Talking about potential "BTS loosing its price dramatically" is not appropriate.
What's wrong with that? This may happen with ANY crypto or fiat currency.

3. "price fed by witnesses is voluntary changed w/o having a consensus" is incorrect. Witnesses are acting by consensus. As of writing, BSIP42's status is "approved" according to result of consensus voting.
Originally the price was adjusted by some witnesses w/o consensus. This may happen again.

Yes, marketing!

In the past OpenLedger has advertised with incorrect statements, I would like to propose some kind of review system for anything published. This review should not be about layouting or formatting, but merely about the content facts.

I agree any creatives or text published to be approved by authorized supervisors beforehand. Any ideas who can do that?
In regards to the incorrect statements, could you share some with me?

Thank you!

Would be good to include DEXBot in any marketing efforts. People will be very interested to learn they can use free decentralised trading software too. It's another good selling point of BitShares and will help to pull in new users.

I would say DEXBot to be mentioned on the new website. @Digital Lucifer, could you advise, is it a part of the plan?

In what timeframe? I think Bitshares needs first some upgrades of UI, core and website, when this happened some extra money on marketing could be spend.

Sure, and this in the scope of our proposal as well, hopefully as a collaboration with Milos.

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