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General Discussion / The difference of course to show prices
« on: August 22, 2019, 03:59:51 am »
Hi all,

I just wanted to point out that I absolutely love binance front page and I wish our DEX can have this..

All alts are listed vs. btc or eth or bnp or usdt in a clear form list and all show the equivalent in usd next which is absolutely amazing and also low,high 24h% change..I mean what better way is than this!! It is just amazing!!!

Can't we duplicate thisin our DEX the exact same way?? with the difference of course to show prices vs. bts, btc, bitusd,bitcny..

I found their front page so nice and useful that it is even better than coinmarketcap. The fact that they show btc and always the usd equivalent is so helpful!!


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