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采集价格:采集CoinMarketCap价格数据(采集时间北京时间 2020.1.1 12:00 +0800)


Bitshares Mobile App work report(2019.12.31)

1. Added - OTC trading module, currently supports BitCNY.
2. Added - Merchant  interface, merchants can operate and manage merchant assets, orders and advertising content.
3. Added - GDEX.USDT trading market.
4. Complete the construction and operation of the service platform.
5. Fixed possible bugs in the Rudex gateway.
6. Fixed the crash problem caused by no exist account login.
7. Release new version v3.0.

Financial report

Settlement working time: 2019.10.10-2019.12.31
Collection price: Collect CoinMarketCap price data (acquisition time Beijing time 2020.1.1 12:00 +0800)


General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: November 11, 2019, 02:25:46 pm »

General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: November 11, 2019, 02:22:10 pm » Welcome!

how about CNC/cny CNC/usd

I hope to promote the Bitshares worker system to be more efficient and useful.

Welcome to the Funhouse!

In the spirit of constructive criticism. Where do you see the deficiencies of the current worker system, especially when using the BBF as an escrow?
You have not listened to thousands of Chinese community members. They have been dissatisfied with the worker system for a long time, and me too. Most of the workers didn't play a real role, but they got a lot of money. For example, the current core team and UI team, many Chinese developers are willing to replace their work, only need to be far less than their compensation, and can do better. If they are not satisfied, we can let the more suitable people do the work.

Hi everyone!Members of Bitshares Community!
My name is Xiaokang.I am a fan of Bitshares and a member of the Bitshares community.
In the past year or so, we have had a hard time seeing the development of Bitshares suffered setbacks and blows.
One of the reasons is that the current Bitshares committee pays too little for Bitshares.
It’s time to make a change.So I decided to apply to join the Bitshares committee and do my best to do something for the development of Bitshares.
I hope to promote the Bitshares worker system to be more efficient and useful.
I hope to change the current inefficiency of the committee members and even the indifference to bitshares.
I hope to promote greater unity in the Bitshares community in various countries.
I hope to be able to reform the existing Feed price rules, constantly adjust and optimize the parameters such as MCR, MSSR, etc., making Bitshares more user friendly.
I hope to increase the market value of Bitshares and allow more applications for DEX and bit assets.
I have been a member of the bitshares community for many years, and I have established close relationships with many community members, witnesses, developers, and investors in China.
I also have millions of BTS, which is an important reason why I want to be a member of the committee and I am willing to work hard for the development of bitshares.
Please support me. Thank you.
Account number:kang8

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