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MemoryCoin / Old Nvidia GeForce 7900 GTX
« on: March 07, 2014, 02:27:11 am »
…with 512 ram…

Is there any software that will let me test around with this old card?


Sorry, can't find a log file - this is it the built-in miner in the memory coin wallet.

Hmmm…I must be doing something very wrong. I installed the MMC wallet and clicked on "Launch Pool Miner" - I didn't touch any of the yam config files.

BUT - looking at "user earnings" on here is what I get:

0.0000 MMC Paid
0.1677 MMC Current balance
0.0846 MMC Unconfirmed
NO Connected
0.53 HPM (estimated)
0.2523 MMC Mined (last 24 hours)

In 24 hours, with 8 core of 4171HE at 3ghz and 14gb ram I've only mined .2523 MMC.

Does this sound accurate? Did I screw something up?
Thanks for your help!

Hey Everyone!
So I'm totally new at this - been mining for 30 hours on an 8 core with the MMCPool, with AMD 4171HE 3ghz and 14gb ram. Using yam.

So far I'm not seeing any coins in memorycoin wallet.

Is this normal?

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