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Technical Support / Is it possible to buy BTSX with...
« on: September 12, 2014, 08:53:45 pm »
I am trying to find a way to buy BTSX and it is proving to be difficult for me.

I have tried to find a seller of BTSX in exchange for physical gold, no takers. Scratch that option.

If I had other assets to trade such as BTC or cash, would I need an exchange?

Can I get an account on an exchange without a bank account?

I have a BTC-e account but haven't used it yet, plus BTC-e doesn't do BTSX so it's worthless for this effort anyway.

Is it possible to get an account on an exchange anonymously? (it appears I can on BTC-e, but since I haven't made a deposit or sent funds to my BTC address there I still don't know. I might run into an issue upon withdrawal or transfer to another address.

I could buy BTC from somebody locally (relatively local) with cash, and it could be sent to my BTC wallet (for example Electrum), but then what?

I think this is going to be very difficult to pull off without an "insider" willing to help, such as someone I could send BTC to who would redeem them for BTSX and then send the BTSX to my registered name for me to pick up in my personal BitShares wallet.

I may chew up quite a bit in overhead / fees, but at this point I'm just looking for a pathway to accomplish the task.

Technical Support / What about the basics?
« on: September 10, 2014, 03:38:37 pm »
Newbie alert!

OK folks, I'm sure this must be dealt with somewhere on this forum but I can't seem to find where.

Trying to get the Windows client working but it crashes frequently. I'm no noob with computers, 3+ decades as a SW dev, mostly web dev.

Some basic info:

Windows 7 Home Prem, ASUS MB, AMD quad core CPU, 2.4Ghz, 8 GB DDR2 RAM, 2TB disk, 3Mbps Internet feed

I created a brand new account to install the client, version 0.4.10. I provided a long sentence for password. First time it asked I provided an account name, but it cannot be found anywhere in the gui since it asked. I presumed that was b/c the blockchain sync was not complete.

Every time I start the client it says in the lower right corner it's catching up, down to 4 days, 10 hrs from 52 days. 8 connections to bitShares network are common. Last time I wrote down it had 408765 blocks out of 450391 blocks. The client crashes so frequently now I decided to stop trying and seek help here.

What should I do next? Is this typical of the state of the Windows client stability?

I very well realize this is beta code and much remains to be done in it's development, but am quite surprised at the poor experience I've had so far. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I've looked at alot of material and media, but I have only heard a small bit on what delegates are and what their role is in the bitshare ecosystem.

If I just missed it but it is well covered somewhere, I'd appreciate it if someone would point me to the relevant media or webpage that describes this thoroughly.

Thanks everyone!

Marketplace / Escrow service - HOWTO or Sticky for newbies
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:49:55 pm »
 I'm a newbie, and I'm interested in trading some physical gold for bitshares. Not much, max 2 oz. I'm also open to a trade for BTC but my ultimate goal is to own BTSX.

Seeing how many scams are done through such offers & transactions, how does one select an escrow service? Where can such services be found?

Can anyone walk a newbie through this process and provide assurance via independently verified means the escrow will be neutral and reliable to both parties?

Thanks for any advice you experienced people might have about this.

I just watched the replay of the 8/28 webinar and was disappointed in the rigid method required to obtain shares.

I've been loosely tuned into bitshares since I heard Micheal Dean discuss it in his freedom feens program when he jumped off the namecoin wagon and onto bitshares. I'm very interested in the domain registration DAC and of course several others.

My issue is how to get involved. I really, really dislike banks with a passion and really don't want to start off in the crypto space with ties to the corrupt banking world. Bitshares holds the promise of total freedom of finances, but NOT if transactions, even if only initial transactions, are tied to the banks controlled by the oligarchs.

I suspect the answer I want is somewhere down the road, but I wanted to ask the question to be sure. A related question is when will bitUSD and bitGLD DACs come online?

I'm not looking to invest much, I haven't got it. But I would like to drop an oz or 2 (40000 - 80000 bitshares) into this if I can find a way to do it.

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